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Nothing Wrong

 As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly. Proverbs 26:11 NIV


The words, “I’ve done nothing wrong” seem to trip off the tongue of people who have been caught doing something illegal, but they don’t know how to handle being caught almost red handed. Our politicians are a prime example, once again. It wasn’t so long ago the UK MPs were all over the news when their hands were caught in the till of their expenses. Do you remember what they said at the beginning? Yup, it was “I’ve done nothing wrong” and it stayed their story until they were brought kicking and screaming to justice, the courts, and in some cases, prison.

Now there is another scandal brewing, but this time with the Lords in the upper chamber. You know, those we trust with our laws. It seems that some have been caught taking cash for asking questions in the House. That’s a nice way of saying they are taking money to promote a business or commercial venture. Some would call that corruption.

So, why are you bringing this up now, I can hear you ask? For this reason. There is a great moral issue being debated and voted on in the House of Lords in the next few days, and I at least expect these people to be above suspicion on matters of the law, but not just that, on matters of ethics and morality too. My unease is simple: How can I trust the highest group of Law Lords in the nation to do right in a moral issue, when there is an obvious inability to avoid the basic sin of greed?

Yes, the words in the book of Proverbs were written by the wisest of men, Solomon, and he knew full well that the dog will return to its vomit, repeating its folly. As with dogs, so with our lawmakers, so how can I be positive about any moral choices they might make?

Whoa I have to pull back and look at myself, and if you are being honest too, you will ask the face in the mirror, “can I trust you with all your moral decisions”? The focus changes now, and all of a sudden we can hear ourselves say, “I’ve done nothing wrong, have I?” The only difference between those UK Law Lords’ hearts and ours is one of class status in our head. In God’s eyes we are all the same, we have fallen short of His standard, and in some cases we too have returned to our vomit, just like the dog. Now who is doing nothing wrong?

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pryz | Sun Jun 02, 2013, 16:06

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“I at least expect these people to be above suspicion on matters of the law, , , of ethics and morality too”

 Well shared, I’m sure you know by many for this increase of our exasperation by the world over and for the world’s leaders.

 “so how can I be positive about any moral choices they might make?”

 I plead ignorance of your gov’t options short of they still need our collective, that’s one-voice prayer. To arrive at that from say no affiliation to form petition, to the BOC starting at the most fundamental needs as you have described and “hold them up” before the throne of grace to attain our portion of “help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:6) Too simple to say maybe, a group effort?

“Now who is doing nothing wrong?”

Why of course. From those least visible in the Lord to the exceedingly influential, we all shall give account of things done in the flesh.

I believe there is a standard in the word of God that exists for all govt’s that willingly associate the name of Christ, and will also “receive the severer judgment” for their works. (James 3:1)

Ultimately, the severity of outcome has a way of increasing the likelihood of this correcting itself if the Body stands watch. Wouldn’t you agree?

Your passion I do note!!

God bless!

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