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Sonshine (2)


   [16 Apr 2013 | Tuesday]

The God Father God

                                                   GOD FATHER GOD


The godfather is the image of God that has been created by religion. He is someone who demands respect. In fact, if you don’t give him the respect he deserves, he will whack you. We have this idea that God is going through out the whole world, whacking people who do not respect Him. The God father says “show me respect or I will kill you.” And we say “Oh yes godfather God.” 

In Mario Puzo’s movie, “The Godfather,” it gives an accurate description of the way many people view God. In the opening scene of the God Father, there is a man requesting help from the Don. He tells a heart wrenching story about his daughter being brutally raped and beaten. The criminals who victimized his daughter were never charged with a crime. So, this man comes to the Don requesting justice. The Don responds, “When was the last time you had me over for coffee at your house.” Many believers think God responds just like the godfather. We are under the assumption that when we request something from God, that he goes to His list to see if we deserve it or not. A Father supplies the needs of his children even if, they seem like their spawns of Satan. We seem to think that God is only our provider when we are on His honor role list. A Father who only provides for the needs of his children when they are good belongs in jail.

The Don goes on to say to the man, “you never wanted my friendship before, and you come to me and don’t even call me godfather” Religion has created a God that demands respect and has an ego problem. He’s very sensitive so if you don’t address him properly he will whack you. If you want this God to do anything for you, you need to stroke his ego first; you got tell him how great he is. In fact, many people believe that we were created for that very purpose to tell God how great he is. Could you imagine a father telling his daughter the only reason we decided to have you is, so you can tell me how great I am.

Religion has created a god that is a distant, mean, task-master. If you want to approach Him, you better say all the right words or He will whack you. You better address Him like the God Father. Before you come to him you better make sure that he is not offended with you. So, we come to our godfather and say, “please don’t take your Holy Spirit from me.” Christian’s that behave like this, they reveal that they have a relationship with the godfather God.

The godfather God is very vengeful and full of wrath. He is easily angered and demands respect. He is hard, tough, what He says goes and if He does not get his way, there will be hell to pay. It is no wonder the world sees God as tough, angry, and demanding. I wouldn’t want a relationship with someone who demanded to be esteemed or regarded, because respect and trust is something to be earned.

The Don goes on to tell the man that “if he were faithful to him this would have never happened to his daughter to begin with.” Likewise, we come to the conclusion that the bad things that are happening in our lives is punishment for our unfaithfulness. We seem to have forgotten about that man who hung on a tree for the sins of the world. Protection from the godfather depends upon 100% obedience. If you want the godfathers protection, you better pay your dues, 10% is the fee that he charges to keep the locus and cankerworms away.  

The God Father finally agrees to handle his request and tells him, “that he may call on him to do something for him in the future.” Likewise, religion has created a God that will only scratch your back if you have scratched His. This God doesn’t do anything out of love, but is more like a manipulator who uses kindness to get what he wants. We think that God uses goodness in attempt to get us to be obedient. He says, “don’t you know how bad I suffered for you and this is the thanks I get.”




What we need to today is simply to see God as He really is. The nature of God is love; that is who He really is. If we are not presently experiencing a God of love, then there is something wrong with our experience, not God. If love is the very essence of God, then God is patient and God is kind. If God is patient and kind, then why are we experiencing a God that is very impatient and frustrated with us all the time? Love is not easily angered right?

If God is love and love keeps no record of wrongs, then how can we possibly think that God is like Santa Clause? You know, he makes a list and checks it twice, because, he going to find out who’s naughty or nice. You better not be on that list, you might get coal in your stocking. The Bible says, “that blessed is the man whom the Lord does not impute sin.” It’s about time we realize that God is not keeping track. God is love and love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres without any contingencies. The moment we say that it doesn’t, then it ceases to be love.

When believers cannot display the fruit of the Spirit, it is good evidence that they do not know the Spirit. We behave like the God we believe in. The secret to true behavior change is not trying to muster up the will power to be more loving, or to have more joy. The secret is, to have accurate knowledge of who God really is and yield to Him, by letting Him live in and through us. Experiencing a God who is patient with us, will cause us to be more patient. Experiencing a God who is peace, will cause us to live in peace. To take the fruit of Spirit and place them as behavior standards, we are trying to achieve places back under a religious struggle. But when we yield to the Spirit it brings life.   



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Sonshine | Thu Apr 18, 2013, 15:04

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Very Good Word!

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