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Explanations of Human Behavior

More instructions from Paul (to the Hebrews this time) and letters from James and Peter made up this week's study.


In Hebrews, Paul specifically teaches them about the ultimate blasphemy and the consequence of it.  The ultimate blasphemy is to deny the Holy Ghost after receiving a witness to the gospel and its veracity.  A good analogy I've heard is to deny the sun gives light.  Paul instructs the Hebrews that denying the Holy Ghost is the sole unforgivable sin in the eyes of God, therefore the consequence is to be branded a Son/Daughter of Perdition and a true follower of Satan.  Their reward: cast off into outer darkness (i.e. complete exile from the light of God so existence is literal eternal darkness).  This state of the next life is what we would call "True Hell" as the Great Adversary has completed his nefarious goal of making us as miserable as he is.

People that know the Bible know James writing some of the most inpirational verses (chapter one, verses five and six in particular).  Instead of reading further into asking God for answers (James 1:5-6) I discovered that James also defines the underlying causes of war (4:1-3).  The reason why people go to war is because one side wants something the other has, or "lusts" as he describes them.  He also teaches that sometimes prayers are denied because we ask God for our own benefit.  Because God is always looking out for the greater good, He constantly reminds us to care for each other instead of just ourselves.

Peter's first letter has some insight into relationships between married couples.  In our world, there lingers the façade that the man is the "supreme ruler" of the household.  According to Peter, that isn't necessarily the case.  Since God views everyone as equals, regardless, Peter further explains that the wife is just as important as the husband, therfore they should treat each other as equals rather than superior/inferior.


Such wisdom in the Bible still applies to modern society, despite some claiming otherwise.  Since God is unchangeable, so are His laws and commandments.

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