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12:47 PM   [24 Mar 2013 | Sunday]

Entry #2 Christian Teacher in First Nations Schools Journey to Forgiveness


              Saving Face  - Entry #2

Even as I remember overhearing those words, it occurs to me how profound that young teacher's statement really was.

If I was ever asked to teach a course in a Faculty of Education in a University on what to expect when going into teach in a remote FN (First Nations) community, I would probably open up with this statement.

"If you are considering working in one of these communities, you are currently employed in the North, or you are simply someone who spends much of their time thinking about how to "help" these people, you have four questions to ask yourself.

1.  Do I idolize, romanticize, or despise what I know of the culture.

2.  Am I somehow seeking absolution for the wrongs of my ancestors/government?

3.  Do I work, consult, volunteer for the money, to fast forward my career, make a name for myself or to get my name or the name of my philanthropical organization in the media?

4.  Is it because I can't get a job anywhere else?

5.  Do I expect applause and recognition?"

and then I'd probably add:

"If the Let me say this as gently as I can, if the answer to any of the above questions is yes, I hope you will give it more thought before you go.  Actually, I hope you give it alot more thought!"


That's what I'd say, anyway.  I wasn't prepared for the what I've been through in these last 10 years.  It really was the "school of hard knocks".  Recently I was telling my story to a student in process of doing her PH.D.  

"Ronda, If you had it to do all over again, what, if anything, would you do differently?"  

I didn't have to think twice.  I looked at her and gave her, her answer with a conviction that coursed through me like lightning.

"I'd listen more".

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