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Prophetic Word by Dominic Sola Jan 14th, 2013 1:30PM


Prophetic Word by Dominic Sola  Jan 14th, 2013 1:30PM

There will be an attempt made for a complete government takeover, along with insane behavior in the people, natural catastrophes and diseases which will be increasing around the globe and these factors will all be used to reach the elite’s objectives!! During this tribulation, our enemies will try to collapse America's economy, start a class war and remove Christianity and our freedoms!!
The Bride of Christ will be protected and guided by God, Ps 91!
The understanding of who the Bride of Christ is will begin to increase which will cause a great jealousy in what we call the church; some will come to repentance and become part of the Bride, while others will turn vindictive and begin to attack the Bride using character assassination. Those who attack the Bride, and her Godly principles, will become part of the New World Religion, (government church), which already has a foundation in our school system and the Babylonian religions. Sacrifice of children, the infirmed and the elderly will increase under the titles of Population Control, Abortion, Euthanasia and Cost Efficiency. Most of this will be in a nice package with labels having something to do with Human survival and the maintaining of a balance with the “Earth”!!  Our school systems have indoctrinated our children to be the very people who will help carry all of this out via voting and by physical means, where necessary; under the pretense of equality and emotional pleas that everyone and everything has a right to the highest quality of existence!! Of course for the collective there will have to be some sacrifices at the beginning that will seem harsh, but will be for the good of the whole!! All those who have not received this brainwashing will be asked to attend indoctrination classes and those who refuse will begin to be arrested, receive clinical psychiatric diagnoses, end up missing, while at the same time there will be an increase in suspicious deaths!!  There will be mass scare tactics used to manipulate the people to make decisions that they wouldn’t make under normal circumstances!!
Keep your eyes on the staples of life (necessities of life) and the internet (communications) where some of the battles are taking place; we are in a New World War, never fought before with new weapons, and spoils to be gained!!
The church will see a great division between the classes of Christians mentioned in the Bible, carnal, foolish, elect, called, chosen, and the Bride!! It will be an hour where people will begin to look at people in a new light, can this person be trusted with my family and my life!!
Closed meetings will begin to increase with core groups within groups shutting out the eyes and ears of those who are not to be trusted!!
God released me today to share this with you. There is more to share with you, but some things need not be put out on FB to the public!!
God Bless!

Christ Intervention Ministries


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