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The Omnipresent God- Part 3: Everpresent Spiritual Adrenaline

I have always been fascinated by adrenaline.  Now as I have implied on a couple of occasions, “I am no Bill Nye the Science guy” and never did well in science class though I am always interested in all things scientific.  In part 1 and 2 of my blog on the omni presence of God, I discussed the biblical evidence for God’s omnipresence and the ramifications of God’s omnipresence in relation to daily holiness before Him.  Today I would like to look at how the presence of God can impact the everyday life of a believer that actually lives out an understanding of God’s 24/7 presence.  I will attempt to use adrenaline as analogy about this. 

            At the Centre of Hope shelter that I work at, I serve primarily as chaplain.  My role has expanded a little over the last couple of years and I now also serve as a Non-Violent Crisis Intervention instructor.  This has been a fantastic experience as I have learned much about dealing with crises.  One of the most important things I have learned is how is how humans deal with fear and role of adrenaline in these situations.  When exposed to fear the human body begins to secrete the hormone we know as adrenaline.  Depending on where you hail from you might know this as epinephrine.  Adrenaline causes some amazing things to happen when introduced to the blood stream.  One of the chief things it does is increase the heart rate and strengthens the contractions of the heart muscle.  Combine this with increased respiration and the result is a higher level of blood to the cells in the body.  More oxygenated blood means more energy and strength for short bursts of seemingly superhuman feats.  The effects on human speed and strength are incredible.  There have been documented cases of people in dangerous life threatening situations being able to lift cars weighing over 1500 lbs in order to save a loved one.  This is all because of this hormone coursing through the veins and supercharging the natural systems of the body.  Short of genetic type issues, every human’s body has the ability to produce and secrete adrenaline under stressful or fearful conditions; for a short time individuals under its influence are able to accomplish things that would normally be impossible.  When the adrenaline runs its course, the body returns to normal functioning and what was possible is again impossible.

So how does this in any way relate to the concept of an omnipresent God?  Let us   again consider the story of Moses.  Moses was a very different man following his burning bush encounter.  Much of this I believe revolved around the fact that he had encountered the omnipresent God.  He had realized that his relationship with God carried with it access to indescribable power that would allow him to carry out the work of God in delivering Israel from bondage.  It strikes me as funny however that even though God had given him the ability to turn his staff into serpent or to make his own hand leprous, he was still worried about his inability to speak eloquently before Pharaoh.  All the power of God and he is worried about not being able to speak well.  Perhaps like me, you laugh at this and see it as absurd- God is on his side, what should he fear at all?  Consider this for a moment though:  In a physical situation when a fearful situation arises sometimes people freeze.  Even though they have this incredible adrenaline hormone running through their bodies- a power source that temporarily increases their strength, increases their sensory acuity and decreases their reaction time- they don’t think they can do anything.  They just stop up.

This is the same thing that happens to believers daily when God calls us to do things that might seem a bit strange or out there.  We say ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘This is impossible’ or ‘I am not qualified for that’.  In essence we don’t think the power is sufficient.  We are either ignorant of the spiritual adrenaline (the power of the omnipresent God) at our disposal or we think it is limited.  What is interesting to watch is that though Aaron may have been the mouthpiece for God at the beginning (because of Moses’ fears), it is very clear that Moses eventually takes on the role of miracle worker and mouthpiece of God as he begins to have a greater understanding of this power that was being released to him.  This is the same Moses, who at one point fled from the Egyptian authorities.  He became the man that walked into the throne room of Pharoah and demanded that Israel be released; the man that parted the red sea, delivered the law of God to his people and wrote the first 5 books of holy scripture.   Moses began to trust that at the appropriate times, he would be given all that was needed to accomplish God’s purposes.  He realized that with the omnipresent God came the omnipotence of God as well- an everlasting flow of divine power.  As we continue to read the rest of the history of Israel under Moses’ leadership we see miracle after miracle through this great father of faith.

Now hear me on this:  God is not adrenaline, but there is an analogy here.  For us when fear or stress hits we are filled with adrenaline and temporarily empowered in an amazing way.  The adrenaline gives us what we need for those following moments.  Humanity can lift cars, run faster, jump higher and see and hear better to name a few.  Yet we still freeze even though physically God has provided for that need.  How much more power and authority is available and at our disposal during a call to action by God or in a spiritual crisis?  Yet here too, we either believe we that God is limited or we simply ignore His power.  In the same way that we don’t trust the effects of adrenaline- we don’t trust Him to empower us for His purposes.  The truth: Whatever happens in our everyday life, the power of God is available because the omnipresent God is always available.  We can call on His power for peace when the most violent storms of life appear.  We can call on the power of His grace when sin overwhelms us and the condemnation weighs down the soul.  When we minister to friends and family around us and we have no words to give and we don’t know how to pray, the omnipresent God can speak to us giving exactly what is needed for that situation.  The omnipresent God could even do miracles through us- maybe not the same stuff that we see Moses do.  It is possible that by the laying on of hands and praying for healing that those who are sick might miraculously recover.  We might speak life to a person that is lame or blind and see God restore them.  His power is always there.  I have personally seen people healed instantaneously of COPD, ocular migraines, various aches and pains as we called on the spiritual adrenaline that is the power of the omnipresent God.  It was all Him.  This is what we can reach out for and access.  Where adrenaline is activated by fear or stress, the power of the omnipresent God is accessed by faith alone.  Like adrenaline, we believe it the power of God to be short lived or insufficient.  Be assured there is always a constant supply line from His hand to yours.  Under the influence of His presence and power and guided by His spirit, there no limit to what one can accomplish when partnered with the omnipresent God.  Do not fear, do not shy away and when He calls, realize He is with you and His power will be as well.

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