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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:03 PM   [18 Mar 2013 | Monday]


We are all merely human and therefore only have the ability to think and understand as humans. The Bible, even though it was written in human terms, is spiritual in nature and so it is sometimes difficult to grasp the meaning of certain principles or lessons. Peter speaks of this aspect when he tells us that for many it is impossible for us to gain proper understanding without the help of the Spirit.  And, of course, everyone believes that they have been anointed with the Spirit and therefore have no difficulty with understanding all Scripture. Humans also believe that because they have formed an opinion on a particular subject that because they have an opinion that it is true and accurate… An opinion is only that, we are all entitled to have them but that does not mean that they are correct. As we read the Bible, certainly those that have been given the Spirit will be able to understand biblical doctrine, and since almost everyone believes that they have been saved, everyone believes that their opinions are correct and in alignment with proper meanings.

The reality though, is given to us from within the Bible and one of these realities is that very few will pass through the gate, and only those few will be given this gift. We must also remember that there are two types of spirits and all of us have one of these regardless of whether or not we have become an adopted child of God or not. Our actions are a good indication of which of these spirits are influencing us and any time we do something that is against biblical teachings, we can be fairly certain as to which of these spirits are moving us to act in that way. Satan can transform himself into an angel of light and so it is very difficult to discern from where we are being led… But, our actions tell us and others, who have a sense of understanding, from where we are getting our assistance.

Romans 2:1 “Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.”

When a person makes a judgment about the actions or statements of another, that person is essentially saying that you are wrong and I am right, and this is certainly not what the Bible tells us is proper Christian behavior. Unfortunately, Christians, or those claiming to be Christians, have a reputation with non believers for having a sense of arrogance and holier than thou attitude, and actions that are not biblically correct, tend to validate that opinion and makes it much more difficult to attempt to bring these people to the truth…

It is interesting to see that in many cases that Jesus did things that we are told not to do, but none of us are Jesus and we are given rules which we should attempt to follow. However, we are human and often try to impress others with our knowledge and enlightenment by telling others that they are wrong. This, of course, is a demonstration of pride and we know begin to see how one sin leads to another sin. If a person truly wants to help another with understanding of certain doctrine, we have been given the instructions as to how to do that and the Spirit would lead us to that process when necessary…

Passing through the gate and how to achieve that incomprehensible gift is not a matter of opinion. There is only one way and it is not very difficult, but disregarding the rules is not going to make it any easier. There are many individuals that read different versions of the bible at the same time, for some inexplicable reason. This can only lead to confusion and we all know how this makes Satan very happy. However, it may explain why so many people do not behave in a true Christian manner. No one can tell anyone that they have to agree with everyone else except in one very important circumstance, and that is the conditions for Christian behavior. These rules are not open to personal opinion and we may very well be judged by how closely we followed those instructions !!!

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