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The Prodigal Son - Did He Receive Two Inheritances?

We have an OFWB daily devotional and one day recently revolved around the return of the prodigal son and how he was received by his father as family even though he had blown his inheritance. When the older son protested the idea of killing the fatted calf and throwing a party for his brother, the father tells him “all that I have is yours.”

To me, this means that the younger son is not entitled to additional inheritance even though he is accepted back into the family as a son. He took his inheritance and wasted it, so he will receive full benefits of family membership minus another inheritance.
An excellent example to illustrate this belief is the story of the father who placed a nail in the barn door every time his son would disobey or do something wrong. Once his son became a Christian his sins were washed away and forgiven so the father removed all of the nails. The son then comments that it is so ugly with all of the holes in the barn door and the father points out that, although the sins are removed, the consequences of those sins may remain as a reminder.
I fully understand the concept of grace shown in this story. I also fully understand the limitless number of times that we can ask for God's forgiveness of our sins. I believe that our own decisions can result in consequences that may not disappear because sin is forgiven by God.
I would like thoughts on this belief that the prodigal son has received an additional inheritance.
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