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Thought For Today - February 27 - Oil In Our Lamp !

Thought For Today - February 25 - Oil In Our Lamp !

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 Thought For Today - February 27
 Oil in our lamp!

    When oil is mentioned in the bible it is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. The foolish virgins were not ready to go with the bridegroom when he came because there was no oil in their lamps, and their lamps were not burning when the time came for them to receive the blessing. They were not waiting and watching ,and they got left out.
    So it is with some of us, we have no oil ,or very little oil in our lamp, and our lamps are not burning for the Lord as they ought to be. So many times we miss the blessing and rewards that the Lord would have for us.
    Oil is symbolic of spirit. There is no room in us for the Holy Spirit if we are filled with ourselves, with un -confessed sins, and the cares and entanglements of this life. If our wicks are dirty and untrimmed, our lamps cannot burn for the Lord. Then we stumble in the dark, and the door is shut, and we miss the blessing.  If we are abiding in him, and he in us, then we constantly keep our vessel clean through confession to God of our needs and sins, and ask for the cleansing of his blood. We keep our wicks trimmed and we are vessels fit for the masters use.
    God calls us to serve him with the talents and abilities which he has given us. He has made each of us differently, with different personalities and abilities.  If we have never been successful in life, perhaps it is because we are not doing the thing that God has called us to do. We may be in the wrong place. We may be working at the wrong job. We may not be listening to the call of God. God has made every person and every thing for a specific purpose. When we have found the purpose for which God has made us, then we shall have good success. We cannot know the will of God unless we are in constant fellowship with God, and our vessels clean and filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit.
If we abide in him and the Holy Spirit abides in us, then we have the witness within ourselves, and we can supernaturally know and sense when we are walking in God's will and when we are not.
Happy is the person who is in the place where God wants him to be, doing the thing that God wants him to do. There is one place that we are sure that God wants us to be, and there is one thing that we are sure that God wants us to do, and if we are in this place doing this thing, then we can be sure that all else will follow according to the will of God. The one place that we are sure that God wants us to be is where Mary was sitting, at his feet in his fellowship. And the thing that we know that he wants us to be doing is absorbing his word into our hearts and minds. Then through his fellowship, and by his word, will he reveal to us the right job, the right place, the right people that we are to associate with etc. Then we shall be successful in all that we do.
    "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success." Joshua 1:8.

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