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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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chaplainjer (2)


12:12 PM   [04 Mar 2013 | Monday]


The Christian religion is, perhaps, the least complicated of all organized religions ever known, and yet it seems to be the most misunderstood of all persuasions. There is a very simple answer to this fact, which we will discuss later, but first let us examine a few of the other “so called” religious groups… We have Jesus meeting various people in caves in India and speaking with others in Mexico, and there may have been a case where Jesus had lunch with someone at Mac Donald’s’ restaurant giving these individuals the NEW and revised Christian principles with the exception of Mohammed who got the proper word for his religious beliefs, which is apparently alright to kill all others that disagree with that group. The oriental groups are not much different in that the common denominator is that it is man that claims to be enlightened by Jesus and developed their religion based on second or third party information… These groups often have another common aspect and that is that there are different and various degrees of rewards for being faithful to their beliefs. Some of these groups are so adamant in their beliefs that they will kill anyone that disagrees with them. Of course, there are certain so called “christian” cults that kill themselves instead when others disagree with them…

It is difficult to understand why there is such confusion concerning the most simple of all religions until we examine a few of the possible reasons. The most obvious and persuasive influence to all of this misunderstanding is Satan. He does not seem to bother with all of these other religious groups for one reason and that is because he does not need to because these people are already going down the wrong path. His concern is a true Christian believer because they represent the will of God whom Satan hates. Christians get their information and principles directly from God and therefore it cannot be incorrect and the ultimate reward for absolute faith in this doctrine is paradise forever. Christianity cannot be more simple, we are given the path to righteousness and the path to eternal life with God in the instruction manual that we call the Bible. All anyone needs to do is read the instructions and apply them to their lives and they will be fine…

But, what has happened over the years is that Satan has persuaded people to alter these God given rules for various and convenient reasons and man becomes confused to the delight of Satan. But, to make the problem more confusing is the “experts” that are enlightened with these new versions of the laws of God and expound on their understanding which unfortunately is wrong. The Bible was written to give us lessons and understanding of the wishes of God for human behavior, but many do not read the Bible for this reason. We see that many quote various verses in order to justify their own personal notion of the meaning without taking the entire Book and following the threads that continue from the beginning to the end of the Book. When the few people that finally decide to read the Old Testament, they are amazed at the threads that begin there and continue right through the New Testament. And these threads give us incredible understanding of the wishes of God and how to satisfy the requirements for entrance into Heaven…

There is nothing that cannot be justified by taking verses out of context from the Bible and applying them to a personal belief or desire, and that is exactly what many people do. In any conversation or written “explanation” of certain doctrine, many use only those verses that justify their position, which is generally incorrect. There are four Gospels and there are certain stories about the same event but are described from four points of view. This was done in order to give us the entire meaning of the lesson or principle, but, unfortunately, many like one version over the others and get only a fraction of the understanding. Satan has convinced most people that their position is fine even if it is out of alignment with true Christian standards for behavior and belief. There is no unity within the Christian community because there are so many variations of the true Word. The only unity is that all of these groups claim Christianity…

 Nothing could be simpler. All anyone needs to do is to understand that there is only one true God given Bible and it contains the path to eternal life in paradise. Many people pontificate that faith is the key to success and this is true. But, having faith in a doctrine that is out of alignment with the wishes of God will get you nowhere. Faith is the essence of the Christian religion, but it is faith in the words of God and demonstrating that faith by attempting to live in accordance with His rules for our behavior. We have been warned many times that only a very few will pass through the gate, and these few will most likely be those that have exercised their faith in the true principles given to us by God and not those that have been interpreted by man !!!

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chaplainjer | Tue Feb 26, 2013, 08:02

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Well said Gerry!!!!

ratman | Wed Feb 27, 2013, 10:02
I see you have a very good relationship with the Bible. I am wondering what your relationship with God is. I am speaking about what important things He might have said to you in the past year and how He said them. I am sorry, but I find it very difficult to equate Bible study and adherence with actual living two way relationship with God. thanks much, Dick

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