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Horse Meat and Sin


The scandal of finding unlabelled horse meat in beef products in the UK has now spread across the European Community. Everyone is amazed and stunned that this should ever happen, and every country is taking their own steps to test thousands of samples, and clear the supermarket shelves of contaminated products. Every effort is being made to tackle the issue head on, isn’t it? Or is it?

I have watched closely while nations are dealing with the effects of the contaminated merchandise. Untold food testing and stock checks do not address the root of the problem. So far, I have not seen any reports which show where the horse meat started its journey into the food chain process. Horse carcasses have to be processed somewhere, and sold on to that unknown place where it is added to the rest of the meat, and ultimately on to our table.

It’s a bit like sin to my mind. We are so very good at tackling the effects of the bad stuff in our society. We pass laws to try to deal with paedophiles, murderers, liars, bigamists, child abusers, extortioners, predators, stalkers, human traffickers, and the list could go on and on! However the legal systems of our so called advanced nations are not so good at seeing and tackling the source, or root cause of these issues that blight our communities. Our civilised thinking doesn’t allow for the concept of good and bad now. We are discouraged from labelling anything or anyone as bad or evil. Then since everything is relative to everything else, there can be no ultimate good, so who needs God’s Law?

We cannot find the source of the horse meat, and we don’t want to see the source of the evil in our society. There is a link to the analogy, but it falls apart when we realise that eating horse meat will do you no harm, but sin will. Ultimately and eternally. So this question remains. Is it worth tackling the effects while ignoring the source? I would suggest the source of the horse meat will be acknowledged and tackled, long before we acknowledge and deal with the problem of sin!  

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