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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:59 PM   [15 Feb 2013 | Friday]


Christianity is probably the only endeavor that ever existed that requires absolute adherence to certain requirements and total commitment to something that we can never achieve. And, we know that we can never attain to this persuasion but, we must continue working as hard as we can in spite of having that knowledge. Success is impossible, yet we must overlook this “minor” obstruction and fight on through all kinds of trials and tribulations… Anyone hearing these restrictions would consider anyone that decided to attempt this journey as being either just stupid or insane. And, the reward is something that no one has ever seen, in fact, we do not even know whether there is a reward. We only have a book that tells us certain things which we do not even know if they are true. But, we do know that if it is all true, the reward will be unbelievable and so we move forward with faith and trust as well as hope in order to gain the crown of victory…

There is a point here that many non believers do not consider. If a Christian remains faithful and pays attention to the requirements for victory, a few things will happen, the person will have a peaceful life with contentment and joy and be rewarded with eternal paradise. Even if there is no reward, the person has lost nothing but gained a good and fruitful life. The non believer gains nothing, and they take the chance of also losing paradise forever. But, there is a problem !!!

Over the years, man has become arrogant and decided that he could alter the requirements in order to make it easier for him. We see the results of this type of activity in the Old Testament and we should have learned from that experience, but apparently did not… We also did not notice something that is right in front of our eyes. The world is not a happy place and continues to decline as every day passes. What we have not noticed is that the further we get away from original biblical doctrine, the worse off that we become. God loves His creations and all of the rules for our behavior were meant to give us a life filled with joy, but as time went on, man decided that he knew better what was going to make him happy. The trouble is that man is not smart enough to know what is best for him and instead of trusting in God, man does his own thing and always gets into trouble. The world is far too complex for man to understand or comprehend, but God knew what He was doing when He established the rules…

It is interesting to see a greater outcry from people when others want to change the rules for some of our sporting events than the outcry when abortion became legal, or prayer was removed from schools. In Old Testament times, God would send prophets to warn the people, but they paid little or no attention to these men, and it is no different today. Our legislators that claim to be Christian should be continually introducing bills into Congress to reverse all of these atrocities to Christian principles, but they do not. These people should be voted out of office and we should vote into office those that will fight for those ideals in which we believe and were given to us by God. But first, we must examine our own personal views and the changes we have made to the rules of God because they are inconvenient for us or do not fit into our agenda…

God knows that we are working for something that we can never attain, but He will not judge us on whether we reached it or not. His judgment will be based on the intensity and honesty of our efforts, and no one is going to fool God. And, He is not going to base His judgment on how well we tried to keep to the rules that we made, but on His rules and how closely we followed His desires for us. The political party to which we belong and support will probably not affect His judgment also. It is no coincidence that the further we stray from Christian doctrine, the worse off we become.

Malachi 3:7 “Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from my ordinances, and have not kept them. Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the Lord of hosts….”


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BrotherRoy | Sat Feb 16, 2013, 16:02

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The problem I have with a lot of Christians I know is that they are Christians on Saturday or Sunday, when they go to church and pagans the rest of the week. Being a Christian, in my view, is a 24 hour, 7 day a week comintment to do the right thing to the best of your ability.Millions of so-called Christians vote of people running for office that violate Christian values every day.

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