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The bible says that David had a heart after God's own heart. David was definitely not a perfect man but he was a man who loved the Lord and had a godly heart. How did he get that way? What is the secret to having a heart that is like God's heart? Well, I don't know for sure but maybe Psalm 119 is a clue to at least part of the secret.


Psalm 119:128 - Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way.


I remember a time when the bible was fresh and new to me. I read it through from cover to cover - marking this, underlining that, highlighting something else, making copious notes in the margins, tracing references on rabbit trails all over the place. It was exciting – my heart burned at times when I read it – I shared what I was learning with other Christians – and some of them nodded their heads politely but didn't seem as excited as I was. It was old news to them – they were older in the faith and had heard it before.


I wore out that first bible fairly fast and the next bible had less notes in it. I was familiar with many of the stories and some of the truths were no longer new. I started to listen to preaching tapes and going to conferences and to read this commentary and that Christian book. I started to get involved in doing this in the church and that Christian service. I still fit the bible in wherever I could but it was not the same.


Troubles came and with them came discouragements, disappointments, and heartaches. I eventually turned to the place of comfort. I remembered that David poured out his heart to the Lord in the Psalms and reading them brought to my weary heart comfort, and healing, and strength.


We can run on the excitement and newness of it all for a while, but when the honeymoon is over it takes a commitment to do it because it is right and good for us. If we make that commitment and determine to seek the Lord, the thrill of God's Word comes back but in a new way. We develop a more mature love for the Word and its Author. We may not so much learn new things as the old truths in new ways: deeper fuller ways. I see Christians all around looking for deeper hidden truths – looking for that thrill they once had – they find a teacher who has found hidden meanings in the scriptures or some mysterious truth that they have never heard of before. This is dangerous territory to be treading because we start to go beyond the Word of God to something that is contrary to its truths. If it hasn't been discovered in 2000 years of Christianity then maybe it should be left alone. The old saying that if its true its not new and if its new its not true should be considered. The word occult means hidden and promises a mysterious power and wisdom ( the type of wisdom which the bible calls earthly, sensual, and devilish) the wisdom of kabbala, gnosticism and the mystery religions of ancient times which appeals to a kind of spiritual lust that dwells within us. What's wrong with the simple teachings of the word of God – they still have depths beyond which we can not fathom – are they not enough. It is because we have left them that we are seeking other things – it is because we want to find deeper more intellectual truths that tickle the ears - we want a more appealing modern Christianity that  makes us more acceptible so that we can be cool too and fit in with the crowd.


What if we fell in love with the bible again? Maybe that's what Revelation means in leaving their first love? The B-I-B-L-E Yes that's the book for me . I stand alone on the word of God the B-I-B-L-E!

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TheotherPaul | Wed Feb 13, 2013, 18:02

I love God and His Word!

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