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Country: United States

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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:36 PM   [08 Feb 2013 | Friday]


The number of people that continue to believe that Satan has little or no power over we humans is hard to understand. We have been attempting to demonstrate the various methods that Satan employs to create all sorts of difficulties by using this site as an example, and yet there are still those that refuse to accept the obvious. A few months ago, there was a comment concerning a post about Satan which claimed that the name ‘Satan” is not even used in the Old Testament, as if that meant anything, but the truth is that it is used twenty or more times. This alone should indicate the influential powers of Satan, however we do not know from which altered bible this person was reading. But, whether he is called Beelzebub or whatever name he uses, he is still Satan and that example should be another good indication of one of the methods he uses to gain the advantage for which he hopes.

We must remember that Satan was an Archangel with tremendous powers and when he was expelled from Heaven, all of his followers went with him. And, where were they sent, but to Earth… He and his fellow demons are still here attempting to disgrace God in spite of the fact that it would be impossible, but that does not stop them. They do this by influencing events and people to be disobedient to God, which is described in the first chapter of Genesis. This influencing of humans was the first description of any human event, which should be an indication of the importance of the experience. Yet, there are still many people that dismiss this as just being an interesting story without recognizing the significance and lesson it gives to us.

Satan is our enemy and like any intelligent opposition, he gathers information that can be used against his opponents. The trouble is that most people are not even aware of this enemy and so they are not prepared for his assaults. He has a file on each one of us and knows our strengths and weaknesses and, most importantly he knows the depth of our commitment to God. He has managed to alter the Bible, destroy churches and influence Christians to accept abortion, homosexuality and many other aspects that are completely out of alignment with the wishes of God.

When Paul speaks about fighting the battle, it is not against anything or anyone but against Satan…

1 Timothy 6:12 “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life,…”

2 Timothy 4:7  “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:”

Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities,….”

Paul is speaking about satanic attempts to reduce his faith and be disobedient to God. But, Satan will use his powers of influence to make our lives so uncomfortable that his hope is that we will begin to wonder and doubt about Divine intervention on our behalf. People ask many questions as to why God would allow this event or that tragedy and this can easily advance to doubt…

The awareness of satanic activities that each of us has depends on the knowledge that we have acquired about him by reading and understanding the Bible. When Paul speaks about a fight, we should ask ourselves about whom is he addressing…Some people believe that Satan was beaten at the cross and has lost the war, and this is true and so he is insignificant. The trouble is that Satan does not care that he has lost the war; he will continue to fight until the very end and attempt to make our lives uncomfortable and be disobedient to God. If this is not a fact, then the stories about satanic activities in the Epistles must be false and we know that is not the case.

This is not being paranoid about Satan, it is being aware and understanding concerning his constant interference with our lives. We cannot fight something or someone that we do not believe exists and this makes Satan very happy and his objective much easier. Using information to increase our contentment and joy in life is called wisdom, but someone who dismisses information is called a fool. Satan is our enemy and he and his followers are everywhere doing whatever they can to influence us to be disobedient to God. We have seen him attempt to disrupt this site, in fact, at least one of the members is a follower of Satan and perhaps more…  Where there are people, there are satanic aspects, even within our churches, schools and other institutions where there are people, he is there and tempting those others to do wrong… So, now we know the truth about Satan and if a person disregards this information, then they are foolish and can only blame themselves if their lives are not content !!!


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BrotherRoy | Sat Feb 16, 2013, 16:02

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The greatest victory Satan has over us to make us think we are saved and going to heaven, but in fact we are going to the darkest part of Hell when we die. In my view, millions are in that boat with him going to Hell.The road to Salvation is narrow,long, winding and few will make it.Greed and Materialism are the great sin most people give in to. We must guard ourselves, everyday, to make sure we don't go to hell with the croud.

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