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Thought For Today - February 6 - My Daily Bread !

Thought For Today - Feb ruary 6 - My Daily Bread !

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 Thought For Today - February 6
 My Daily Bread

    Give me this day my daily bread so that my soul might find nourishment in thee, O God of my salvation, and that I might have to give to others, that they too might be fed. Except thou dost break the bread to me, I cannot feed the hungry. A person can receive nothing except it be given him from God. You have told us, dear Lord in your word, that as our days are, so shall our strength be. Each day the manna falls from Heaven upon your beloved own, and provision is made for our well being; therefore, dear Lord, we ask for strength that we might gather that which you have already provided for us.
    Your word O God is a banqueting table to which all who will hear your voice have been invited to come and dine. A banqueting table filled with the finest cuisine of heaven; the bread of life; the lamb of God; the heavenly mana, the Lord Jesus Christ who said that if we eat of his flesh and drink his blood we shall never hunger and never thirst. He is at the head of the table with his arms outstretched and calling to the multitudes, come and dine.  Sinner, will you believe and receive Christ as your Lord and Savior today and partake of the bread of Life.?
    Christian friend and brother and sister, will you leave the scraps of the world to the hogs and come to your father's table and eat like a king's son. God has promised that he will supply us with daily bread, but our daily bread is found within the pages of his holy word. We must gather and eat by reading and prayer and meditation in a disciplined time and manner. Then the Holy Spirit will feed us. Then we will have enough for ourselves and others, and baskets full left over.

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