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12:56 PM   [06 Feb 2013 | Wednesday]


You come home from work and next to the door is a small table, and each night you look at it to see how much mail is there. It’s not the junk advertising pamphlets that you look for, but the envelopes are the things that worry you. Some of them are marked “PAST DUE” on the outside, but today there are only a few compared to other days… You can hear your wife yelling at the kids from the kitchen as you hear her say; “wait ‘til your father gets home”. You have a mild impulse to go back outside and get into the car and drive off, but you decide not to because you don’t have enough gas and not enough money to go have a few drinks and still put gas in the tank. In other words, you are having a pretty normal day… You have dinner and after the kids go to bed, your wife begins to tell you that your youngest boy needs to have braces on his teeth and your daughter is starting to look at colleges because she graduates high school next year. Your mind starts to wander back to going to have a few drinks, but you decide to go to bed after watching the news on television…The reporter talks about a mass shooting in a mall somewhere, a stepfather killing his wife and stepson, a fire that wiped out a low income housing complex and it’s going to rain for the next few days and your job is outside. You go to bed and wonder why you bother because all you’re going to do is count the spots on the ceiling once more !!!

The next day is pretty much the same as every day, and while you’re having lunch with your other wet workers, one of them talks about the government lowering a lot of the benefits for the elderly on top of the removal of dental work, hearing and eye care that has already been taken out of Medicare, and you think of your mother who lives on Social Security and will now need your help just to get through…

On Sunday, you go to services, even though you really don’t want to, but you do it for the kids, and the Pastor talks about tithing and that some of the congregation are behind and you think he’s looking just at you. His message is about the new roof for the building and installing air conditioning in his quarters, and you remember that the bill for your heating oil is past due and worry that they may not make another delivery… And, now you’ve begun a new week !!!

Perhaps each one of us can relate to this scenario in part or totally, and women have it even worse because their job doesn’t stop at the end of the work day… So, we ask ourselves how we got into this position, but never consider the obvious answer and that is it was our own fault.  We’re upside down with our mortgage and overloaded with credit card bills because we wanted to believe what the financial institutions were telling us, and it was a lie… Our ego got in the way and we believed that just because we didn’t have the resources at the time of our borrowing, we believed that as time went on that we would increase our income and everything would work out… But, now we’re counting spots on the ceiling, but the financial institutions suffered little or not at all because they had friends in government and we do not !!!

But, all of a sudden we become devout Christians and go to God and ask for His help. We think that since He promised us always to be there for us that magically, all of our troubles will be solved… We forgot about the fact that He already had helped us by giving us instructions for living our lives in a way that would prevent us from getting into this mess, but God is not vindictive and after shaking His head for awhile at our folly, He will help us. The problem for us is that His help is probably not going to be in a way that we will like. We are going to have to do our part and that doesn’t sit well with many that think that they shouldn’t have to do anything except ask Him for His help… It doesn’t seem fair that we will have to humble ourselves and throw away our credit cards, sell our new car and buy an old used one, return anything that the stores will take back, and stop trying to look as if we can handle this problem ourselves.

The Bible gave us every instruction for living a reasonable life, but we disregarded those suggestions when they became inconvenient. It tells us to not owe anything to anyone which means that if you don’t have the money, then don’t buy it. We can take a mortgage in order to buy a home, but only one that we can afford at that time without believing that the future will be different and then we will be able to handle the payment… God will keep His promise, of that you can be sure, but it is going to be done His way and you had better accept that fact… And, learn from this experience because you should have gone to God before you made your decisions and you wouldn’t be in this mess now.

And, by the way, find another church because tithing is not a Christian requirement !!! 

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BrotherRoy | Sat Feb 16, 2013, 16:02

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Finally someone, besides me, gets it right about Tithing. I have so many Christian friends that are living way beyond their means and do things that are non-christian to keep up with the people next door or buy their kids the latest elctronic crap. You don't need a new car and have to make payment on it for 6 years, you don't need to take a vacation every year and you don't need a lot of toys to play with. I have found out the simpler I make my life, the closer I get to God.

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