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John 14 Scripture Study: The Way, The Truth, and The Life

Have you ever noticed how easily we forget things that have happened to us? The Jewish race has been quite forgetful throughout scriptural history. We, as a nation, have been quite unwilling to remember the miraculous events witnessed in recent history. We are like Philip and Thomas in today's scripture. Although they had witnessed his miracles with their own eyes, they did not believe Jesus' relationship to his father. They had lived with Jesus for close to three years by now, yet they had not seen the father in him.

You Know the Way (John 14:1-4)

Look at the title of this section - "You Know The Way." If you are a committed Christian, it is a safe guess that you have heard many verses which give assurance that Jesus provides the only way to God. You have probably heard these verses for many years yet your heart is troubled over some spiritual matter. Verse 1 assures that you should not be in conflict over any matters of God. As your beliefs in God and understanding of Jesus and his teachings strengthen, spiritual matters will become clearer. They may not be clarified in the time frame that we expect or desire, but God does not go by our watches or calendars. He has his own time and all things will work together within that time frame.

Verse 2 can be quite misunderstood when an earthly point of view has been applied to it. Let's clarify that statement. This verse says that there are many mansions in God's house. When you think of a mansion what comes to mind? The white house? Beverly Hills mansions that you have seen on television or in person? These buildings are probably not the reference point of this verse. The concept of a mansion includes descriptions such as "large," "stately," and "palace." Anything that is from God can be described with these words. There is an old bluegrass song that references a cabin in the corner of glory land. Whether it is comparable to a mansion or a cottage here on earth this is a residence built by God and serves as a testimony to God's glory. Jesus has gone to prepare a place for each of us.

Verse 3 gives us assurance that we will be with Jesus eternally after death here on earth. There is a generation that will not face death because they will be alive during the time of the rapture. When will this be, you may wonder? We do not know exactly when, although many have tried to confuse others into believing that they know the time and place. We know from Matthew 24 that we should always be ready for the rapture. In many verses spread throughout the Bible we can read of the signs that Christ's return is near. Many of those signs have come true or will come true in your lifetime. Does that mean that your generation will be alive on earth at the time of the rapture of Christ's people? It is a definite possibility.

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