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John 3 Scripture Study: God's Word Saves

This passage of scripture presents another cornerstone of the Christian faith. You have heard John 3:16 many times and probably memorized it years ago. If you study the scripture surrounding that you will make many discoveries that will allow you to wrap up the gift of salvation and present it to your friends and coworkers. These verses close with the good news that those who accept the truth and come to the light are "wrought in God."

Know The Word (John 3:11-13)

Verse 11 states "We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen." We all have a story that greatly illustrates this concept and compares us to the forgetful Jews of early scripture.

Think back just a little over ten years to 9/11/01. That was "a day in infamy" written into American history. Most of you will remember the events of that day as they unfolded. Now fast forward a decade or so. You are now the adult telling children your own age or younger about this. They are too young to have been there but you can tell it from first hand experience (some of you may have been in New York that day).

How does this compare to the early Jews? They experienced a miracle that could be attributed to nobody but God - the parting of the red sea. Yes, there are naysayers who will say that it was actually a low water level and they waded across. Of course, if they are correct then it is a miracle that the mighty Egyptian army and their horses and chariots could be swept away in so little water. Of course, the comparison from present day 9/11 terrorism and the Jewish escape from the Egyptians is shown in the response from each society.

The same Jews who had seen the red sea parted and Pharaoh's army swept away asked Aaron to create a golden idol for them just because Moses had been on the mountain for so long. America claimed to be a Christian nation after the miracles seen on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. The Christian attitude lasted for a little less than three months before a noticeably wholehearted return to a lax attitude toward God and Christianity. For another comparison you can look at many religious leaders of today. Aaron gave in to the wishes of the people and made a golden calf for them to worship. He, as a priest chosen by God, knew that he and the people should follow only God. He gave in to the wills of the people anyway. Many religious leaders give in to the wills of the people in exchange for full pews and coffers. They forsake the word of God in order to give a "feel good" message.

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