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Obama & Live Birth Abortion / Induced Labor Abortions / Infa

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Posted By: Pattygh52 (3685 days ago)
This was very sad. I hope other people will see this and if they had doubts about being pro-life or pro-choice they will change to pro-life. Seems that every time an election comes around this concern is almost invisible.

Posted By: Frannie (3919 days ago)
this is so unforgiving, and for the President to allow this, is totally sick...I am glad I didn't vote for him...He needs change alright....

Posted By: mark (4160 days ago)
Pro-Life = Christian

Posted By: candybab65 (4222 days ago)
I was happy to have Obauhma. I'm not anymore!What can we do about this? My email is

Posted By: lordsong (4225 days ago)
This was a very impressive video. Too bad many people didn't see this earlier!!!!

Posted By: DeborahJ (4234 days ago)
I had an abortion many other children ago. I have asked for forgiveness for it and know that i have been forgiven. I feel i must do something to be sure others know how you will feel for the rest of your life about giving up such a wonderful gift of life. You will be forgiven you will never forget. I pray our nation stops approving abortions. God help us if we do not.

Posted By: maryteresa (4249 days ago)
May God have mercy on our nation for allowing the precious gift of life he gave us to be discarded as we do our garbage-- and to think that we are one of the "greatest nations on earth" Dear God, I repent for our nation and beg your forgiveness. maryteresa

Posted By: rakesvines (4250 days ago)
Dear Angelica, Here is a link for resources that will help you recover. God bless, Ric

Posted By: Angelica (4250 days ago)
I have gotten an abortion before. But after seing this video. I can say that I will never have an abortion again. I feel ashame for the abortion's that I have had. I did not know that they actually have the baby in a room and left to die. I just cant live with that. And I ask the lord to please forgive me.


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