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Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc Kairos Prison Ministry is a lay led inter-denomina... More
Kids Alive International Millions of kids in the developing world live in d... More
Knight Vision Ministries Knight Vision is a young ministry believing God fo... More
MEET UP EX MOROMONS GROUP IN NEW JERSEY This christian outreach is for those who are quest... More
Mighty Arm Ministries We are a Christian Ministry whose desire is to wal... More
Ministering Spirits Ministries We share the Word of the Lord while equipping the ... More
New Destiny Global Ministry We consider it a privilege to connect with you tod... More
New Life Ministries Our mission is to communicate the life-changing po... More
Oasis in the Desert Oasis in the Desert brings encouragement to the Bo... More
Path to Salvation It's a foundation and ministry where we need to he... More
Philippine Benevolent Christian Missionaries We are modern day Christians that preaches the goo... More
Power Of God Online Ministries Power Of God Online Ministries is a cutting-edge C... More
Prayer Center We receive requests and pray for anyone who asks. ... More
redeemedwashedsanctified This is a christian x gay ministry for all denomin... More
Sister to Sister Global Ministry Sister to Sister Global Ministry is a non denomina... More
United Evangelical Church of America Non-Denominational Evangelical Christian Ministry ... More
Victory Church Our Mission Statement is Simply a "Life Giving Chu... More
Visions Ministry Visions Ministry is a teaching ministry based in C... More
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