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Grace Children
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Dear Beloved Brother/Sister.

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bro. Emmanuel Nethala. I working as a Christian missionary in India, we are living at Andhra Pradesh. I was baptized in the Year 1995. After receiving salvation I readeth full bible I was filled with Holy Spirit and when I read the word of God I learn more Lordís wisdom, and started thinking it deeply, I was guided by Holy Spirit that God is going to use me for his glory. I could know this through one thing that is god answered all in my prayers in Jesus name, after this I confirmed that God is with me. So I decided to work faithfully for the poor and needy people in our Country.

We are running a "Grace Children's Orphanage" here with 70 children. We are educating them at our home. We are taking classes every day, from 9; Am to 3; 20 P.M. we are teaching children by audio and video class weekly four times .we are also conducting practice music and songs programs to children. The children are very interest in the programmers. I am doing this ministry independently. There are many small villages surrounding the town of Bhimavaram in these villagesí live very poor and disadvantaged people, Everyday we visit these people, give out tracts and preach good news. Many hear the gospel and some are accepting Christ. There are a lot of poor children in the villages. They Families can not provide study material. Our primary motto is children who are suffering with lack of proper education with leisurely wondering from here and there in the streets.

We admitted such type of Neglected children and given them with proper education and we are guiding them spiritually in every manner. (Proverbs.6:22) in our organization. We are giving from our own family finances and with the help rendered by the Lordís people and providing them all necessities like food, shelter, books and clothing. We are providing good drinking water and sanitation facilities by providing running water through taps in all places of our building. By the grace of the Lord I have been continuing the Ministry besides developing day by day. Every day we are check up childrenís health care that who are ill weak we provide medicines and tonics, breads and milk to get well. We are planning to admit more children. And we are having so many Plans for helping hands of those who are poor and needy in India. So I Thanks to God and gives us an opportunity in sharing our ministry work with you.

Please pray for us and the needy children God has placed in our care. So that our ministry would bring honor and Glory for our Heavenly Father. Please share this news of our kids ministry to your church members and neighbors, we opened our home to many orphan children .it is by faith in God alone, that we are feeding and clothing these children. If any of you are willing to sponsor us, we would we very thankful.

We are all praying for you and your work and your blessed family members. All the childrenís and widows are sending their love and sweet kisses and hugs to you.

Visit our Website www.freewebs.com/graceorphanage

Thanking you in the love of Jesus

Yours Brother in Christ
Emmanuel Nethala

Mailing Address:
Bro. Emmanuel Nethala
Grace Children's Orphanage
D.No: 13-15-11, Bethany Pet
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

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