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39 years old
Tampa , FL
United States 33617

April 21 2019

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Test Group,
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  Status: Married
  Home Town: Tampa
  Education: College graduate
  Denomination: Roman Catholic
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About me:
I am the administrator of this website - hope you like it! I am an engineering graduate & happily married. Update: I have 3 children (2 girls and 1 boy). I'm a licensed contractor.
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love   08-27-2014 9:08:00

my name is Selina  found you here today and needed to have a conversation with you, and share an information with you,  well, but through your profile. Contact me at(selinalovebaby2014@outlook.com)

Bill   05-06-2014 3:16:09 Great site Mark,God Bless you & Your Family. When will the upload videos be available ? Bill.
stephen   03-26-2013 4:28:05 Thank you Mark for this wonderful web page. My name is Steven Woodward. I have had some awesome experiences with Jesus. One in particular concerning the death of my beloved dog. Jesus instructed me to write a book about it to let everyone know He loves his animals so much. My book is titled "BIBLICAL PROOF ANIMALS DO GO TO HEAVEN". If any one has had a beloved pet pass on or wonders where the animals go...read this book. Jesus gave me a vision and many scriptures from the Bible to proof that animals do have souls, spirits, and do go to Heaven. Praise God! Steven Woodward. (Book available on Amazon.com in Paperback and Kindle.)
Rajinder   11-25-2012 5:56:28

Hi Brother,

I read the New Testament in 1982 and wrote exposition of Matthew. Then, I moved from Ghana, where I was a Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy from 1969 to 1983 for good 14 years, to Readig, Berkshire, U.K. and since have been writing articles and have two Books an over 2700 Youtube Videos on Gospel.

I roduce T-shirts as Lamps on living Lampstands but most of the people have no concern for Gosel. No wonder Christ Thomas said, One in a thousand and two in ten thousands would love Gospel.

Nothing to worry as End Times are here and Israel is established for the Final Bundling up of the Tares to be burnt in 2018 when Israel is 70 years old. Read Matt.13.v24-30 that is hardly understood by any.

God Blesses everyone according to their Conscience.


Shafi   03-20-2012 2:50:38

 Hello Brother Mark, I am very glad to be on this blessed site. You are doing nice work.

Good Job !!

God bless you

Nanette Yvonne Tron from Texas   09-12-2011 2:47:57

Thank you for writing me . I do not have very many friends not even one I can think of I am planning to lord willing get a camera this month and attach it to my computer so I can add a picture.  I would like to get my songs recorded and published with Majestic Records. Please pray for me.  I am married and My mother

is raising my eleven year old son Joshua Tron.  I love him very much and I want the best for  him which is

more than he has now.  I want to support him somehow in God's loving way.  Please pray that the lord will open doors. for me and my son Joshua Tron.  God bless. The lord is good and my son, Joshua was a miracle birth.  He was impossiblity that the Lord blessed.  I was told i was not capable of bearing children and I did.  Thank the Lord he is healthy and smart. and I pray blessing and peace and love on him in Jesus name.  amen

William   08-27-2010 3:17:01

is there an easy way to keep track of where we have been contributing? (discussions we are involved in?)

Mary Ellen   07-16-2010 8:26:06

I like this web site alot, I just have to learn how to work it. I will be on every day.I hope to find alot of christian friends here.

Kristen   01-13-2010 6:08:27

Mark, you need a happier picture... you look slightly menacing... lol

The Stone of Wonderland   10-13-2009 5:07:00


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