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"Pastor Bob"

United States 53070

September 17 2019

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Robert's Interests
My interests are simple. Just the three G's. God, guitar, and the Greenbay packers.
As I stated in the interest section I play the guitar. I long ago dedicated my music to God long ago and that's what I play. My plying is a contemporary folk style and I have been told time and again I sound like Gordan Lightfoot. I do not know if that is a good thing or bad. I have written my own songs and have a CD but it is more for a demo. other than that i would listen too the kind of music you would find at a christian music festival. From Randy Travis to Third Day. It is hard for me to go much more rock than that. I have been a worship leader and like to mix it all together with hymns. I guess I still am a worship leader because in the church it is just My wife guitar and the inmates joining me. no praise team availability.
My wife and I made the choice to stop going to secular movies and for the last few years have made only a few exceptions for well reviewed family style movies. We love to support any kind of work done to promote God in theater so if we can you will find us at the theater for them. Some of our favorites would be the works done by Sherwood Baptist Church and thats my recommendation to any who need a rental for the weekend.
Television is toiletvision. I do not know who can watch most of that junk. I don not have cable. CBN TBN and Daystar can all be found on the internet if I want. we will watch the news even though it is so blatenly biased against God and his works. And we will watch Chuck and NCIS but not much more. Movies done before the seveties can be good. Misistry is more important. Maybe someday I will learn to use my VCR. Then I could record a show I wanted. It seems that most of the religious content on the discovery channel when i see it at my inlaws is from a gnostic source and really hurtful to Bible believing churches.
I read books that teach me. I have read one maybe two fiction books in the past few years. I usually have more than one going on at a time. I like things on church history, theology, and christian counseling. If i was doing better financially my shelves would be lined with books from the AACC bookstore and the Classbooks from my school. Yes I was lead by the Lord to a school and style of learning that really works for me. Not mentioned earlier I did finally get my degree in ministry.
I don't believe in heroes. God is more than a hero and no man needs to be puffed up.
Robert's Details
  Status: Married
  Home Town: Oostburg
  Education: Grad / professional school
  Denomination: Inter denominational
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Robert's Blurbs
About me:
Hi I am Bob and here is little about me. I was raised Catholic and went to church schools. my family went to church but it was all religion and I never really learned much about the God I professed. After high school I tried doing college but got into drinking and did not do well so I quit. I soon discovered factory life was not my cup of tea and I joined the army. I was a MP for four years and learned that I was not a cop either. Got out and tried school again. same old same old and back to work. I wound up I construction and had a great job but still was broke all the time. to much alcohol. I am so grateful that I never took the leap into full blown alcoholism but it was a problem. One day walking home drunk I cried out to God and he answered. A very life changing moment and I went back to church. well as most do who find out that God is not just out there some where I started reading the Bible. there is a whole lot more to this but I will cut all the long story out. I eventually got an education and a ministry doing volunteer services at the county jail. Currently I am seeking the church God would have me lead if he would have me lead. If you are reading this and do not know God yet I want you to know he is real. He is as close as any friend you will ever have and he loves you. Just call out his being and ask for help.
Who I'd like to meet:
I like to meet all kinds of people. The conversation will always reveal my beliefs in God. I will not meet single woman alone for a good pastor protects himself from satan. I am married and that is a story for another time. I am a problem solver by nature so if we talk and it comes out you have a problem do not be surprised if I bud in and try to help. Yes I know the spell checker told me too that I need to capitalize satan but I refuse to do that.
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Mark   09-30-2009 3:43:23

Glad to see you online and posting 

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