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I'm Registered, Now What?

Now that you're registered, you have full access to our community!  What you do now depends largely on your personal interests and experience with social networking sites.  This page will give you a general overview regarding the different features associated with this website.  Furthermore, it will serve as a guide in order to help you get on your way - meeting great friends and having discussions about all facets of life.

After you login to your account, you will land on your personalized home page.  It looks like this (just a snap shot of the top portion):

*any time you're logged in to your account and you click the "home" link in the main navigation, you will land on your personalized home page.


Getting Started!

Step 1.   Notice the column of links next to my profile picture (view my profile, edit my profile, etc.)...  we suggest you start by filling out your profile.  To do this, simply click the link that reads "edit my profile".... for detailed instructions on how to fill out your profile, go here.

Step 2.  Now that you're done filling out your profile, it's time to introduce yourself to the community.  To do this, we recommend that you drop by the forums (look for the "forum" link in our main navigation)... When you've arrived at the forums, look under the category "announcements" for the topic called "introductions" - click it (see snap shot below):

Step 3.    Create a new thread and introduce yourself to the community.  If you need further help on how to use our forums, please click here.


Now that your profile is ready and you've introduced yourself to the community, it's time to move forward and start interacting with other members and making friends!

Here are some options:

1.  Participate in forum discussions  -  The forum section is one of our most popular areas because people discuss and share ideas about life, theology, and whatever else strikes their fancy.  The forum is a great place to interact with fellow believers and get answers to your questions.  If you never used a forum or need additional help, visit our help guide for forums.

2.  Visit our live chat  -   The live chat room gives you the opportunity to talk to other believers in real time!  Live chat is becoming quite popular on the Internet... and you'll be pleased to know that we have state-of-the-art chat rooms (with language filters, moderators, etc).  You'll be able to enjoy hours of great conversation in a group setting - you'll meet friends and have a great time - definitely give this a try!  If you would like some additional information on live chat, then please go here.

3.  Start Blogging  -  Do you want to share your experiences and insights on life with others?  If so, blogging may be the thing for you.  Some people are called to blog - many visitors & members alike read our blogs... members can comment on your blogs (if you allow them to).  It's another great way to get known in this community and make friends.  More information on blogging can be found here.

4.  Share Videos  -  Our video section is also state-of-the-art ... if you're familiar with the popular video sharing site Youtube, then you'll have no problems here.  If you want to learn more about our video section, the go here.

5.  Start a Group -  Groups are sub-communities within our community.  If you have particular interest; golf, for example, then you can create a group around this topic and invite other members to join.  Groups are usually something people create after they are familiar with the community.  To learn more about creating groups, go here.

6.  Share Music-  Sharing music is fairly straight-forward.  There are many great songs on this site - you can embed songs in your profile, comment & rate songs... and upload your own music to share with other.  More information on our music section can be found here.

7.  Special Account Features  -  This community is equipped with features such as member browsing, email, instant messaging, shout box, Albums, etc... these are all other methods of sharing yourself with this community and meeting friends.  To learn more about these account functions, go here.