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Old 07-27-2013, 03:16 PM
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Default Sunday 7/21/13 Pastor Michael sermon Seeing Is Believing=A Preview of Coming Attract

Sunday 7/21/13 Pastor Michael sermon Seeing Is Believing=A Preview of Coming Attractions! Revelations 5:1-5

Seeing is believing means some things are so impossible unless you can see them. This is the reason why we have pre-views of movies to come. They want to show us pre-views of coming attractions, of the movies thought to be impossible to capture on the screen. This is the state of our text today. John is being given a pre-view of what the world will look like in the end times and how things will happen in Heaven and in earth. John is on the island and no one is there but him and God. God took him up in the spirit to show him reel by reel of what is to happen in the end time. John was shown things that he could not understand, but he believed. It is like our faith in God. We canít see Him and sometimes we donít understand things that happen but we know God is with us. He is lifting us up and we believe in Godís Power.

John was given a pre-view of what is going to happen so he can little by little believe it. He sees Christ exalted in Heaven. He sees the main character in Heaven, Christ, exalted in Heaven. This is before the seals on the Book are broken. God shows him Christ first because it was about to get really crazy and chaotic. But Christ is still on the throne. When things go crazy in our life, Jesus is still in control and He is still on the throne. Christ has Power! He will empower us to get over the crazy stuff because if it doesnít kill us, it will empower us and make us stronger! I know that nothing touches us unless He allows it. So He knows I can handle it and can take it! We can have the victory over all things! Christ is on the throne! Praise the Lord!

Vs. 2 The Book is like a Will being opened to determine the fate of people, of mankind and the earth. Itís like at a Will reading. People are there to get a blessing. Jesus is at the Will reading, the Book opening. Christ is the executor of the Will, to unseal the Book. Vs.3 No one could open the Book. The strong angel asked who could open the Book. Angel Gabriel will proclaim that no one can open the Book, the Will. This Will, this Book says who will be getting into Heaven and who will not! Jesus Christ is the only one worthy to be the executor, the one to open up the Will, the Book! He is the only one worthy to break the seals on the Book that determine the will of God toward the fate of mankind, the earth.

Vs. 5 The elder told John to stop crying because the Will can be opened by Jesus Christ. The more stuff we go thru, the more we will have because God in Heaven knows our fate. He knows the blessing and the reward that is in store for us. God knows what He has for us! Jesus knows! Jesus is the authorized one and He has been made official (officialized). Jesus has the legal right to execute, open the Will, the Book of our destiny! The elder told John to stop crying because Christ Jesus was able to open the seals. The Lion from the tribe of Judah, the root of David has overcome! He that is sitting on the throne has overcome and is authorized to open up the seals on the Book, the Will.

Jesus Christ is the executor of the Will, the legal executor of the Book! He was crucified on the cross and got up! He was resurrected from the dead with ALL POWER!! Jesus has got the authority to open the Book. He overcame and we can overcome too because God has given us the same power! God gave us a pre-view of coming attractions so when we go thru mess, we can see that we are going to Heaven! Our destiny can only be determined by Jesus Christ!! Thank you Jesus!!!!

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