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Old 08-27-2009, 11:30 PM
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Default My thoughts on prophecy

When you start to understand what things mean spiritually you start to prophecy. The basic rule of thum is time. The first prophecy in the bible is the seven days of creation and that being the 7000 years of this creation. The first day being the beginning of God with men and the men being people with God or Adam. That was the first day and the second being the time of Noah. The third being the time of Abraham and on that day God created the trees and the herbas and all that stuff is in the time of Jacob and his sons being the trees with seed within itself. God created the two great lights and that being Levi and Juda and the stars being the teachers of the scriptures. The forth day came fish and those things and those being people of the churchs cought in thwe kingdom net. Adam himself was created on the sixth day so the prophecy is for the spiritual Adam to be created on the end of that day and the seventh day being the first day of man with the living God. That is why it is expecter that man will rise on the seventh day. The first Adam was driven out of the garden and made to dwell in the caves and that means the first people with God had to dwell in the caves . That means , the cave is a dark place wher people cannot see the things of God or heaven but it is also the place God commanded Adam to dwell because from there you get understanding and God apears to his people evey now and then to keep them alive.( Spiritually) That is just the basics.

There is another one that tough me to understand prophecy. The trubbles you brew today, you will drink of tomorrow. The people of God had to live the life in the next 1000 years for the problem they created in there time and if you look you can see that happened every day. Well each day being a 1000 years.

Then ther is allways the life of each man of God or patriarchs and the prophecy for them is the prophecy for their people for 1000 years.The next 1000 years they recieve what they have given out.

Then if you can understand the interpretation of the book of revelations , that is the prophecy for the church of christ and for example the plagues are like the frogs. There may verry well be a plague of frogs but the true meaning is ther will be a plague of people with unclean spirits.

Then there is time and the hours and the days and the months and the years. From man to God a day is 1000 years but from man to flesh of the Lord or people dwelling in darkness, a day means a year. That is like you can plant you seeds but on the seventh year you must let the earth rest. From this you see the seven years of tribulation and that being a shorter version of the seven days of creation. The hours are as months and each church in darkness is as the moon and ther are twelve moons and they are for the twelve diciples rulling God's kingdom after the fall. The twelth being the rule of Judas, the hour of great darkness, even greater then the others. Adam was created on the third hour but fell on the sixths. The seven days Adam lived directly after his being cast out of the Garden are the seven days of men with God for seven thousand years.

Then when you read about Paul being in prison when he wroth his teachings or appisells, That is the prophecy that shows he will be in darkness in his understanding when we recieve his wrighting because darkness is a prison. Also chains and fetters are from the wisdom of this world so if Peter was put in chains for a while it means his church was in bondage for that time in the eturnal part of it. John righting his book of revelations on thre Island of patmost and being a cast from society is like teaching the prophecy for the book itself. The Island was a place of rocks and the rocks mean stumbling blooks or the place outside the gasrden of edan. Him being a prisoner ther is the prophecy for his teachings being in darkness to this world untel now.

Then ther is also the life the man lived shows what happener to men with God from his time before , not the words but his life. Like the word of God being in Egyept wit Joseph and Jesus went there to forfill that prophecy. Eveything Jesus did shows us what happenet tho the word of God with men before him.The word of God was with David when he came into Jeruslam as it was Jesus came into Jeruslem to show us he was the word of God.

When the word of God was made flesh the people from beforebecome flesh and live out the life they handed out to people. The twelve tribes became one person in the flesh and then it all starts again so what they lived in the spiritual understanding they now live in the flesh so there is the prophecy for thier life or church.

Every time God spoke to Adam is the same as in the eturnal times God spoke to a man that became a prophet. On the forth day after Adam was outside the garden And asked God to give him something from the Garden to comfort him and the Garden is in the east so God sent him Gold . insence and myrth. That is when God sent his son the Gold , insence and myrth. The thing is Adam was the flesh son but Jesus is the eturnal son. The eturnal Adam.

Also , wisdom is the mother of God's creation and when the word became flesh wisdom became Mary.

Anyway this is the seventh day now. All people that follow Jesus will be raised because Adam was promiced by God to be raised in the second comming and that is the eturnal seventh day.This is why Jesus said thay will be raised on the last day. The eight day is the beginning of the new creation of God and the new earth and heaven. Each day has its light and each light has its angel so there are seven holy angels, one fore each day.

There are still more ways to prophecy from God's word but this tread is allready too long . Sorrrrrry

Last edited by colin : 08-28-2009 at 10:47 PM.
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