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Old 07-28-2009, 11:33 PM
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Default Television miricles

I check out the tv ministries once in a while to see what is happening. A cupple day ago I saw a guy giving out little tubes of water and people saying how god was blessing them with tons of money and all kinds of miricles were happening. This is not from God. This is Simon the scorcer. I'm not trying to belittle our faith. This is the stuff that belittles our faith. Still again I get the spiritual understanding as if we drink of the living water we are healed and that my friends is from God. I try watch a service now and then but i can't take it. Please don't jump on me but I'm telling you true, that stuff is from the antichrist. Its like , why do we need Jesus when we got the water from russia.
There is a place where it is said that people were getting heales fom the handkerchiefs of paul and the aprins . That means he sent out people , chiefs of his followers and the teachings they served them were from the table and robed them as servents. It doesn't mean handkerchiefs. Then there were people getting saved or healed in Pauls shadow. Pauls teachings were only a shadow of the truth but when you understand them he can give you understanding enough to be saved.That's what that means.

Then Paul layed his hands on the ephesians and they started speaking in tonguse and prophecing and that, as allways with the hands , you hands are hands of council so he counciled them and they come to the spiritual understanding so they spoke tongues of angles , not foolish gibberish mumbling stuff. And as been said many times if you see the spirit, it is the prophecy of the life of the Lord and his church. Paul layed his hands on them and the Holy Spirit came to them , the Holy Spirit comes to you with the teaching of the Spirit of the word. To be filled with the Ho;y Spirit is to be filled with the Spiritual understanding of the word ,or filled with God .

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Old 07-29-2009, 05:33 PM
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Default Re: Television miricles

There are some phoneys out there Colin and I do believe that,yet there are REAL ONE'S,that have been as the dragon did to the woman in Revelation 12/15,flood her path with ungodliness.This is the same way Christ was baptized before many who did not come as He came and forwarned the prophet John about what their mission was about to fulfill ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS(GODS),and they seen for themselves both the ministry of John and Jesus that they both were indue with power from on High and the prophecy of Gods spoken Word to HONOR THEM,yet there were those that just only came to preach after others,as many are doing today!In Acts 16/16-17(read)
These are what you are refering to Colin,and they are some very powerful and persuasive people who have been raised in holiness movements and gifted by (A spirit) that presents itself as holy.Jesus prophesied about them in Matthew 7/21-23(read),these are the times that the dragon is going to seduce ministers by his tale's as he done those angels with his tail in heaven!!!

Last edited by erinblanco : 07-29-2009 at 05:36 PM.
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