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Old 07-10-2009, 07:15 PM
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Default Dry Land

Dry land is this. The teachings of God spread around the world and start as a stream but become a river and the when they have reached all Nation and spread over the earth like a flood we have no land , just sea. The teachings or scrolls become the sea but by that time the teachings are dead or without Spiritual understanding so as before they become dead sea scriptures. ( the dead sea scrolls) It is the same with ours, as jesus said let the word be preached to all nations, the flood as in the days of Noah. Then God's spirit teaches us understanding and we are able to seperate the teachings of man from the understanding and at that time we have new earthly understanding or teachings from God that are not part of the flood. This way God gives us understanding above the world. When God gives you new understanding it comes from this, you get eyes to see the things of God. Dry land is liked unto as earth as apposed to heaven but when the teachings are interpreted they are like paradice or a place on earth with with teachings of heaven. Then with new understanding we become people doing the will of God. The land is allways created between Babylon and Egypt. Both of these have two differant understandings of God and are created from the glory of man but Israel means a place created from the Glory of God. When it says Land it means a place created with laws and rules and people governing that place with an understanding withs comes from the bible. Like this. The land of Egypt is created with its religions , its laws , its spiritual believes, its rullers and government,and that is a land created from their teachings of God. It is also like this , one is to the east and one is to the west. The lord will seperate you from sin as far as east is from west. This doesn't mean we change religions, this means we start to get the right understanding of our own religion and the teachings are revealed to us through the spirit of wisdom and the power of understanding and that is always at the return of the Lord. See when Jesus was with John and being baptised and the dove apeared over his head. Like with Noan, Dry land and the spirit came to him too like a dove and with an olive branch in his mouth. Jesus said I will return to the mount of Olives.

The whole thing has nothing to do with water and earth, but its to do with teachings God gives us and in this way we know he loves us and keeps us Above the wisdom of this world. These are true signs of his return..

When all this happens it is alway reconceliation with God and back in covenant with God. There isn't only the curcomsision covenant. The was Gods covenant with Noah, the rainbow and that is the sending out of the seven into the world , and ther was the covenant with Abraham, Saul, David and Jesus. We are in the covenant with Jesus so we have to remove the fleshly understanding of the New testament and then we are back in covenant with God through him.

Well, got of track but dry land means a place where ther is new teachings of God that have not yet flooded the whole world. People who think God would kill everbody with a flood are in serious error and blastpheme the father everytime they teach that. God is spirit and everything is done spiritually. No one gets hurt. All evil understanding comes from Satan. Man hurts people , God does not.

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