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Old 06-27-2009, 11:09 PM
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Default Instructions

Heres what you have to do. Follow the great men of God and do what they do. First you look at God and creation. Then for example take Mosses. You figure out God's staff and the teachings of the world are like the sea so you seperate the teachings of God from the teachings of man. Then you take the people into the desert so that means you take the teachings that haven't flooded the world and ther you start to worship. Then you go into the mountians so that means the place of higher rightousness and listen to what God says instead of man. Then you strike the staff in the rocks and God gives water. That means you take Gods understanding to give the people wisdom from God. It goes on and on. Then if you want you Go to the gospels and because Jesus walked on water you learn to stay above the iniquity of this world, Then you streach out you hand to people ( peter) to bring him back up when you see him sinking.Then you put earthly teachings in the eyes of the people blind and add poure wisdom from God and watch them heal.

Every passage has it's instructions. Even turning the water into wine means take the bitterness out of the instructions and make people happy once in a while.Don't let them be like drunks. Wine is for sick people but Spirit is for dead people. I mean spirituall dead. If they are spirituall dead teach them the Spirit. Everything is like a set of instructions.

I love the word. God's word. It's the only book I have ever read in my intire life. I think the lord is so great. Even Noahs Ark. I've been trying to make a vessell out of this place for us to stay afloat above the flood.When I put down hahahah it is because I laugh at the reaction of people but some times it is God that makes me laugh. I think the Lord has a great sence of humor.

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