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Old 06-04-2009, 12:49 AM
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Default The fullfillling of the law

A law book is a book that gives you case examples of what is right and what is wrong. In the earthly teachings the bible is our book of law and of cource even our basica come from the ten comandments. if a place or country is without law and justice and the rulers of it are wicked and evil the bible teaches them as that book of law.
Now look at the time of Jesus and as you can see even the romans and people around them had law from their understanding of the bible and God and you can see that when the scriptures were written before that their was no law. People did what ever they wanted too and the leaders were cruel to the less fortunate. But at the time of Jesus the law of the land was equivlent to the law of the scriptures.That means the law was fullfilled. Then Jesus came out with the new testament teaching kindness, forgiveness love and things of virtue. Taking the law of the land to a greater hight.
Now if you look outside and see our law and how we have forgivness and kindness and for example Jesus said if a man steals you coat give him your cloke also. That means if a man steals teach him the law of the bible and send him to church. The law of the new testament is fullfilled for us now. all of it.
Now if you go to some countrys where their is less law and still evil, acording to their rightousness they will except the teac hings of the law in the bible so some have too stay at the OT untell the law of it is fullfilled. I think the whole world came out of her now but most of the world are moving into the new testament law. For us here this law ifs fullfilled so we move up the ladder.
I told you guys the world outside is created from the earthly teachings of the new testament but the earthly teachings of the new testament are the same as the spiritual teachings of the old testament.
Now the spiritual teachings of the new testament are above the teachings of the earth in the new testament so they will be our law soon and the earthly teachings are fullfilled for us.
When Jesus was at the cross and said it is finnished that means he compleated the spiritual teachings in the law of the spirit. When it is acomplished we move up but for those places wher it isn't they stay.
You see all those other religions come from the oldtestament and untell their law is fulled they cannot move up to the new testament. We here are ready to move up again.

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