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Old 06-02-2009, 07:53 PM
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Default Sacrificing of a lamb

In old times the Israelites sacrificed lambs as an offering to God. Sometime you read some people put the blood of a swine over the altar. Even ox or cattle. When they had their churchs they were as Shepherds and their followers were as lambs. The blood being put over the altar means the teachings of the man or lamb. The living waters in the body of a man are his blood so the wisdom he spoke over the altar was his blood. To be a sacrifice for God means he offers his life to God to be a teacher or preacher and the pure lamb was one without spot or blemish. That is the same as saying a man without sin that has been taught by the Shepard. People who wallow in the mire or to say people who only know the earthly teachings are like swine and his teaching is his blood over the altar. So now we come to the Lamb of God. He is the lamb given by God as a sacrifice and his teachings are his blood. Now when cane made his offering to God he offered up the fruit of the earth. The fruit of the earth is law. There is no fruit of the spirit in law but the fruit of the spirit is in the Spiritual teachings of the old testament. Truth shows you that and Jesus was that lamb and his blood was the teachings of the Spirit. But now the teachings of the New testament also give us the fruit of the Spirit so God magnified his mercy and grace. Still , this is what always bothers me. Jesus said this, Any man that keeps my sayings is in Judgement but I did not come to Judge. That is what it is all about for me. The sayings are the earthly sayings of the parables. But not the ones we know as parables so to come out of Judgement we must seek out the parables and fine out their meanings. Then you find that even though the new testament gives us the fruit of the Spirit. The earthly teachings are still offering up to God the fruit of the earth, Law. Being tried by law means you are in judgement.
These teachings are for the better good of the world but still Jesus said if you want to attain eturnal life you must pick up your cross and follow me. Sorry, Got of track again. Anyway , even though we think we stopped offering up lambs , every time a man gets up and speaks if he speaks the word of truth he puts the blood of Jesus over the altar and that is how we are saved by his blood. His blood is nit the blood of a man who speaks the earthly teachings. At the cross Jesus died to the flesh .
Your church is your cross and every church of Jesus has it at the rooftop. Now you have to pick it up and teach it to die to the flesh.

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