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True2Ourselves Forums   > Ministers > Ministries/Outreach Discussion  > Angels and kings are proud to be angels this is why they are proud ?

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Old 06-26-2014, 01:58 AM
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Lightbulb Angels and kings are proud to be angels this is why they are proud ?

People becomes angels by just believing in there holy books and there master words and the master says you must do true love and true love is that which makes you not eat food,drink water and not sleep and not go to bathroom or faunt. If a man sees naked woman he must control his nerves to proof he is (sinless) angel and if a woman sees naked man she must control her nerves to proof she is (sinless) angel and loves the naked body but doesn't hate anything, just imagine every holy book says there holy book is true holy book then why they have not told in the holy books that there holy books are lie holy book and if you want to be sinless you have to think good only and not hate anything and feel to whom they believe as they are with truth. How many holy books says read our holy book and your sins will be washed but never said while reading think good, while reading think what sins you have done. I don't know how many holy books comes under this law which i am writing about angels because many religions people becomes angels by believing in there holy book and master who says do true love with there god and people so they never need to eat food and drink water and go to bathroom or faunt but don't you feel practicing in religion and his master and loving someone even after seeing him/her do shi-t and even after doing pis-s and washing his/her shi-t and pi-ss or washing her body ? so is it true love to the humans by angels who becomes angels by believing in there religion and master. Don't you feel all religions teaches there people to train how to love other like parental love because a father and mother cleans shi-t and pis-s of his children because they are born from them and you can notice parental love is not until death of parents for a child because a child grows and he becomes teenager and then man and a man needs woman and that is true love which man loves to woman without touching her without seeing her naked and without cleaning her shi-t and pi-ss, i want to know how many of you have done true love with your man or wife and if you loved him/her what kind of love you have done to them ? angel love which is parental love or just true love even after having food and water and going to bathroom you love man or love woman ?

How can a religion and his/her master tells his people to love his people like parental love because parental love is not true love, you know why ? because after child becomes teenager and a teenager becomes man or woman parents just care but doesn't loves them from like true love so why religions who claims there god is true teaches there people to love there people like parental love and tell there people not to scare of death or hate anyone or hate anything and not eat food and drink water or go to bathroom so they are true angels. When religions says everything happens by there gods in this world then why not there religion god takes there people sins which they first makes from there people by there angels. What kind of wrong knowledge religions gives to there people who becomes angel after not hating anything and not having food or drink water or go to bathroom ? if people becomes angel by believing in there religion god why not tell everyone they are angel ? there god first makes people angel then tell them to keep there mind clean and heart clean and keep it secret, are there religion god keeps a secret ? why secret when there god is true and there holy book is true ? an angel becomes angel by believing in holy book and there holy book is sent on this planet and many religion says there god didn't had a birth neither god can die then why secrets and why religions tells his people to keep there mind and heart clean by saying it will be true love ?

there are there are 3 kinds of love

1) Parental Love.
2) True Love of Man to Woman and True Love of Woman to Man without seeing her naked or doing sex and eating food like you eat regularly.
3) Sex Love.

Just believe in true god who is beautiful and love his people and love the one true love like a man loves to woman and woman loves to man. Because all jesus christ lovers says jesus christ is son of god so god has loved him parental love as per few believers and jesus also loved god as parental love, even if god has no age no birth and no death then how can someone say as his son ? jesus christ has to proof how he became son of god because few religions says god can take any shape of man or woman but god cannot do sex with man or woman as he is of light and purity is with him. God can show miracle by simply letting a child born as god can give life so how can a child becomes son of god when he is not born from his parents. If god is human why bible says something else ? i am just showing true love which i did to jesus christ and his believers went against me and if jesus christ didnt come to save me in india or take me to america i will tell you that truth from which all deads will be awaken.

I have seen many people doing true love and try to die when they separate, just imagine how it will look and feel in parental love for a father to son separating and a man to woman or woman to man separating ? what do you think which one is true love ? according to your imagination ? stay with truth and fight with religions who claims there holy books are true holy books and show the truth of there angels to the world. Since i am able to proof true love don't you still feel i am the one of this world ?

One more thing ? few religions says if you cut your hand or head for there religion or there god or cut themselves into pieces for there god and stay alive or stay not eat food they will be alive even after death don't you feel its still parental love because they got training to love there god and there holy book by practicing and not eating food or becoming scared from anyone or not going to bathroom. Angels controlling there nerves just to believe in that god who gives them power to control others don't you feel its evil religion and there people has become angel and did parental love and ready to die for there god because there religion do parental love to them and angel do parental love to there people ? with there people ? you must believe in original spirit because you still doubt at me that i am not the one of the world.

My heart is still broken and needs to be filled. I say that god cannot die and his property never finishes.
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