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Old 04-28-2009, 05:37 PM
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Default Git Satan

Get ye behind Me, snapped Jesus at Simon Bar Jonah
Why the git behind me? Why not, git thee gone? Or git thee back to hell where
you belong?
The answer is quite simple. We all still tend to do this, in when we try to rush
something to meet our expectations. We all try to get ahead of GOD.

We all have a purpose , under heaven, as Jesus did, as Isaac did, Joseph,
David, and only GOD knows how many others, for HIS GLORY and STORY
Pete was trying to negate what Jesus had just told the dozen. What Jesus had told
them face to face hadn't registered with them, hadn't gone KACHING or DING or
BINGO we see, instead all that rolled around their heads, was, THAT AWFUL,
and what can we do about it and so the big MOUTH seems to open wide
and in this case Pete speaks for the rest, MATT 16,13-24
While they were visiting that cosmopolitan city of Caesarea Philippi Jesus turns
to the dozen and starts to pick their brains, to see if they had been paying attention
to what He had been exposing them to. A pop quiz, for they were in class, interning
for the future graduation which was ever drawing closer.
It wasn't a vanity question to glorify himself as we tend to when we ask this question.

Well boss, some think you are the incarnate JOHNNY B, others feel you are maybe
Elijah come back to earth, or one of the other great prophets, you know, like Jeremy.

Pete took point on this,

WELL DONE, Pete, this wasn't something taught to you by men,
it is the TRUTH from GOD HIMSELF.
You are a wee bit of a chip of the OLDE ROCK you know, like Petra, carved
from the stone, like Me. And I will use you in the construction of GOD's temple, align
yourself to the CORNERSTONE, the one the masons from the beginning of
creation have rejected and many will continue to undervalue.
And when this temple is built, even satan's hell will be able to prevail against it.

As I was entrusted with the KEYS of HEAVEN by My ABBA, I now entrust
you as well with the ENTRY KEY to HEAVEN's MAISON.
GO BIND what you are sent forth to find for Heaven, and lose that which has
no use in heaven.

LOOK GUYS, I face a crisis dilemma ahead, in the holy city of your forefathers.
Jerusalem, the city where the prophets are martyred for the TRUTH.
They have been watching us, but mainly they have been eyeing Me, and
seeking their opportunity to do what the offspring of Cain have always done well,
But in my case they will surely fail.
They will arrest Me, Try and Test Me as is the way of inquisitors, who with their
closed minds rarely never ever comprehend what they explore and then find.
I will endure their evil and yet what happens next, what you'll see with your own
eyes you won't believe, until HINDSIGHT marks it clear.
I shall be murdered and on the thrid day arise. Listen well people, I'll meet you
back on the road to Galilee, where you shall Me once more see.
SO people stay tuned, do you understand what I told you?

Here Pete once more dares to break the stunned silence, just as another similar
soul years later would interrupt Paul in his own discourse.

LORD it can not be, it surely won't turn out that way, you'll see, the pressure is
getting to you and making you CRAZY.
The guys had once before thought Jesus a wee bit tetched, Mark 3,21

How do we treat folks who tell us something we just won't accept, those who
are depressed and heading for their own conclusion of their crisis?
We still try to talk down to them in FOOLISHNESS as if by what we say we
are so sure to bestow. Each souls walk if between GOD and themselves and
none else. But we love to intercede and usually end up creating a bigger mess.
Satan loved to bound ahead, to mislead the dead.
That is why Jesus snapped at Pete and the guys, not at satan.
GET BEHIND ME and stop running interference

How many of you recall Abraham, Joseph and Job's stories?
Abraham finally realizes his hearts desire and no sooner does he have joy when
GOD toys with him over this gift. SACRIFICE HIM TO ME @ MORIAH.
What went through poor Abrahams mind, Ishmael lost in the wilderness and
this remaining son soon to also be left behind?

Joseph surely must have thought that GOD was CRUEL, to hurt him so,
consider the promise GOD had to him bestowed, Gen.37,6-11
But when enough time had passed his hindsight was clear, GOD had not
meant it for BAD but always for GOOD.

Job likewise went from being in heaven on earth to being short of being pushed
over the utter edge when his wife suggested to CURSE GOD for the cruelty
HE had allowed to befall Job, after all the honor Job had bestowed to GOD.
CURSE HIM and be done with your cruel joke of a deity.
But Job stood his ground and would not let others push him ahead of GOD.

David was plucked from the sheep pen of Jesse, to shepherd the flock of GOD
called Israel.
And when he was anointed poor David kept going from one high to the next low
whenever his own ego got his head turned away from where he was supposed
to be.

Paulie too went from being the most promising PHARISEE in centuries, to
become the apostate of the school of thought that had raised and invested in him
to join a splinter sect call the MESSIANS.
From sight to blindness back to sight only to run back blindly in the face of the
warnings GOD had set before him, NOT TO RETURN TO THE HORNED

We all will encounter these types of trials.
Without GOD we shall fail. With GOD we shall be allowed to prevail, and
on that great day when all will account for the investment GOD made in them,
those who were faithful to GOD will be raised as was Jesus to GOD's heavenly
home, in PARADISIO.
QUESTION IS, where is satan in the race with you?
Dogging your heels, or leading you on?
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