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Old 01-30-2020, 08:38 PM
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Default The Healthy Interracial Christian

Back about forty years ago, I tarried for some years at a Pentecostal / AOG Church who’s members of ethnic, racial identity was fairly commensurate with the surrounding community, if not the Nation itself. This was one of those landmark Churches situated within America’s ‘Bible-belt’.

To my knowledge there was a number of interracial marriages and an intermittent public acknowledgement of our need to extend the same love of Christ throughout our congregation - regardless of particulars. I mean to the point that if there was even a hint of holdouts, there was enough maturity around to remedy that in pronto fashion!

Thus, everyone felt the issue was in safe keeping. As did I but looking back, I wonder how many of us were teetotallers towards a healthy outlook. More about teetotalers later.

Look at the world today and all the attention over race-relations and the outcome from the best minds whom have made it there objective to combat segregation and related obstacles and tell me where the correction from the Church has truly overcome the oppression?

True, there may be a vast media blackout to help foster the image so the political can “make an objective” slogan. But whether quiet, or quite vocal, without Jesus being the central foundation, all other remedy will help kick this can out from the pulpit, into the pew and onto the street, what an abject mess!!

So, what did I mean about being a teetotaler? It is a painfully simple definition I came to rest on over the years because we need both, nature and love working together within from the start for a healthy mindset towards all, to keep us free for every interaction.

One must not cower to the accusation of not being “blind” enough to nature, for that is not walking in truth. Nor also to any slight of preference the nature of the flesh may want to take occasion of due to the compassion and love of Christ Jesus within.

But let me put the capstone on mentioning our need for the acknowledgement of nature. Walking in this truth isn’t some distant standard we must adopt to live by except to resist today’s mindset of blatant out of control and over-correction that itself has embittered us against each other.

Simply put, to free our identities so we can continue unfettered, loving, serving one another.

God bless!

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Old 02-02-2020, 07:03 PM
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Default Re: The Healthy Interracial Christian

I hate to say that I am of two minds here. On the one hand we are all the same in God's eyes and interracial marriage should mean absolutely nothing since race if of the flesh and we are of the spirit.

On the other hand, unique cultures around the world are a richness in traditions and art and song and all kinds of stuff, and it would sort of be a shame if 500 years from now everybody was the same tan color with the same eyes and hair.

I think of Disneyland's "Small World" with all the different colored kids and I think thats a good thing.


"God in his deepest mystery is not a solitude but a family, since he has in himself fatherhood, sonship and the essence of the family which is love"
- Saint Pope John Paul II
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