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Old 01-05-2019, 06:03 AM
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Default The Freefall of Everything Frank

We are, 360* much better off now? Really? Is this the means so many digital socialites think that makes them a member of a more caring community and has from this experience grown to understand and trace the human condition so much better than all of mankind’s predecessors?

These all-encompassing benefits have captivated them.
• Curbing Crime
• Reciprocal Care
• Health Awareness
I am reminded,
While they are saying, "Peace and safety!" then
destruction will come upon them suddenly like
labor pains upon a woman with child,
and they will not escape.

(1 Thessalonians 5:3)
Which doesn’t diminish the need for those benefits and we are rightfully complicit on many of these fronts, our horizons however are not.

The soul of man. Could he be experiencing a self-impose debilitation that isn’t altogether readily seen? Today is unlike any other time before from innovations we know so well, and I feel man is being distracted from the natural appreciation of not only the worth of the tangible world around him but corrupting common forms of praise and thanksgiving from top-down. Namely, inspiration to the common tempered character for the natural world as well as the many forms of leisure he once occupied. They are all being assumed increasingly by some other means.

While we watch the world swoon trying to assess what technology has and is currently doing, it seldom becomes a subject that some of our cherished things are taking a particularly hard hit. While social networking seems to be making distance between people we know less and less of an obstacle, unfortunately, the distance we are acquiring is as I see it, the loss of natural affection and is seldom told the price you pay.

Things that by fine temper and patience, produce traits that can’t be taught. Like the personal endearing communion through the fidelity of say, a simple caress of not just your cherished one, but other interaction which was meant to be acquired over time. The substitute we provide is the joy of coming together that has many people believing that the gadget is next best thing to being there and that it has won the battle of permissible means and through a screen ‘yet face-to-face’ is still ‘harmless’.

The fine-art marketplace could be used as an example for the pulse on culture. Without exaggeration, over the last four decades, I have seen the worst of talent found showcased by equitable gallery representation, being advertised nationally. That was my first brush with the death of insistence on classical talent, and I’m fond of a lot of abstract work too.

But back then, it was still because of the art and the bond of artist and his art together. Today, it is quite different and now safe to say no matter how well work is performed in 2 or 3-dimensional effort, with the rise of social networking among artist, curator and the collector, the gallery may have its best days behind them and is on the secondary list of priorities.

More and more you can find the market-wise pulling in a new direction, Successful advisers to artist are springing up with the fresh new message; ‘if you like art, that’s good, collectors do too but stay put and don’t waste time with the gallery and don’t waste time promoting your art quite as much as to start networking socially as an artist.’

It has been this way for the last ten or fifteen years to the point now of re-evaluating art itself. They are now told within the community of rep and artists the placement of worth lay not on the work at all,
“It’s not about art, it’s about you and the relationships you build”.
What does this say along with so many other scenarios found today, or a step further; what do they say whom live within the screen when it becomes more convenient to pay the price of excessive time given of say, telling other family members at the table by their actions, , ‘I no longer value nor can I endure the bodily presence of so many different people I know beyond my cherished network of “friends”?
All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

(Proverbs 14:23)
Thanks be to God for our massive liberty within a bearing of godliness, consecutively!

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