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pryz 08-26-2018 10:26 AM

Log-off to Boot-up
Do you suppose God is pleased to see mankind allowing Him to interfere in our lives? Why of course. How does it go?
Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.

(James 4:8)
Today, where on earth do we begin?

Drawn from a secular outlook, Mrs. pryz alerted me to an interesting article in September’s issue of Woman’s Day Magazine entitled, “A Lesson in Logging Off” pg 66. A Teacher of fifteen teenagers as part of an assignment launched a two week gadget abstinence experiment and locked the devices in the class storage cabinet.

To take the spoiler, as you might imagine, “anxiety” surfaced at first but the call for the two-week ceremony was just right saying.

“As we closed in, , ,I noticed a shift’, ,

“They experienced life in the moment instead of swiping and tapping through it.”
As they exited the class, the lady teacher noticed several screens were still dark and said they wished to continue the experience.

I thought, my, seldom a finer example to commit for the record of our being taken by the external.

Feel free to express all pro-or-con thoughts! Thanks!


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