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Old 08-31-2011, 03:42 PM
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Default jewish bible compared to the christian bible

is the old testament the same as the tanakh except for the ordering of the individual books?

do jews and christians believe the same things (up to the end of the old testament)? and then part company with reference to the new testament?
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Old 09-01-2011, 04:36 AM
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Default Re: jewish bible compared to the christian bible

Tanakh is the Hebrew abreviation of TNK - Torah, Nevyim, Ketyvim.

Torah - the Law - 5 books of Moses etc
Nevyim - Prophets - Joshuah, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Jeremiah, Amos, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zekharia, Joel, Micha, etc.
Ketyvim - Scriptures - Psalms, Song of Songs, Ester, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, Chronicles etc.

There are differences in the Christian Bibles, some versions are going all the way to Septuagint. The Hebrew Tanakh became a Canon some time in the first century and further developing what is called the Mesoratic text. Masoret is a Hebrew word for Traditional. There was a lighter canon already mentioned in NT.

In the DSS library scrolls of the Torah and other Hebrew Bible books have different versions some more agree with Greek Septuagint.
Others closer to Samaritan Bible.

Some argue that variations are not serious.

There are good books on this subject.
One great work is called the Dead Sea Scroll Bible - translation and analysis of the OT scrolls found in Qumran.

Theologically Hebrews interpret the OT differently in many areas then Christian Theologians.

Just like among Christians today there are denominations etc so among Hebrews there are Karates who don't accept the oral law traditions that Rabbinical movement see as part of Moses instruction etc. Then there are esoteric groups etc.

The reason some Jews don't share the same believes are because they don't see trinity nor think that all Christian references to trinity interpretations in OT are correct. To them it seems polytheism and against the OT teachings.

Nor they see that a Man can be God, this is not in the OT according to their interpretations.

For example it is known in the OT prophecy that the Misiah is going to be in a line of king David. King David was born in Baith Lehem. So the Jewish interpretation of the prophecy about Beit Lehem is that the city is blessed because King David was born in it and King Davids descendant will be a future King the Messiah.

This is just one little example.

Also from Egypt I called my Son - is interpreted as Israel that came out of Egypt, YHWH declared that he will be their Father.

Jews call YHWH - Aviny Makeiny - Our Father our King.

Christians hold dual meaning to the above passages to point to what I stated and also to Jesus.

The Law of Moses and the books of Prophets clearly forbid human sacrifice, YHWH God destroyed many evil nations who practiced human sacrifice.

They don't see anywhere including Issa 53 as a reference to human sacrifice.

It is Christian NT truth that Jesus was sacrificed for all our sins. God raised him on the third day.

Catholic officially state that OT is more of history or prelude to NT Jesus. That Law is no longer binding so the laws of OT such as dietary laws or Sabbath laws are no longer binding. Not only that but it was given to a specific group of people the Hebrews (Jews are Judah descendants of kingdom of Judah) Hebrews includes all the tribes. So
Christians who are not of the Hebrew descend are not required to follow the OT laws.
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