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  1. Sierra Club Asks Membership to Attend Pro-Abortion Rallies
  2. The Ice Ball-The Melt-The beginning of life---The Here & NOW
  3. Ahoy! Land-Flows!
  4. Radical environmentalism
  5. Parks’ Sigh-of-Relief
  6. Trees talk to each other......
  7. The Pope's Environmental Encyclical
  8. Alleluia, Alleluia--Indeed He is Risen and Because of This Fact All Creation Rejoices
  9. How wolves changed rivers!
  10. The fig tree.
  11. How Wolves Change Rivers
  12. On Christianity and Fly Fishing
  13. Seeking Support for African Participants to Attend PDC and Internship in Konso, Ethio
  14. What we are NOT told about Fukushima Daiichi
  15. Our Authority? Did it go? The two Witnesses
  16. Scientists Now Are Predicting Book Of Revelation Disasters
  17. The Absolute Necessity For Jesus' Soon Return
  18. Federal Government Confirms Book of Revelation Warnings!
  19. JAPANESE EARTHQUAKE: Astonishing Prophecy Unfolds
  20. New Scientific Insight Into "Acts of God"
  21. Having shoes mended
  22. Operation Noah's Ark to Save Sealife
  23. Climate Change
  24. The power God set within nature on display
  25. Over-Population
  26. Taking the bait! And The LIES are swallowed, hook, line and sinker ;-(
  27. Orthodox Patriarch speaks on environment
  28. Biasness Of Self: How We Allow More Cruelty The Less Life Looks Like Us.
  29. Question: Does Our Food Deserve Respect? Is Eating Meat GODLY?
  30. Low Energy Sealed House
  31. Low tech solutions to conserve energy: Solar
  32. Evironmental Heroes