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  1. Walmart Condoning Homosexuality
  2. The Personless TG
  3. Dr. Brown Debates, "Torture"
  4. Praise to Supreme Court
  5. Illinois’ Plan to Mandate LGBTQ Education in K-12 Schools
  6. Help from a former Pro-Domme
  7. Dishonorable passions
  8. “Harassment” Among Us
  9. Gossip is like slapping Jesus, Pope asserts
  10. SS, Forcing Dating Services
  11. Delivered From Homosexuality
  12. Delivered From Homosexuality
  13. School Sanctuary, Streaming
  14. College, Reinterpreting “Approved”
  15. God is Not “Love”
  16. Murder, Heinous Murder
  17. Redefining Marriage
  18. Children of GDM Marriages FIGHT BACK!
  19. Challenging the Church
  20. Gay Christians
  21. Another Shoe Drops
  22. Homosexuality
  23. Everyone is the Same!
  24. The dangers of Porn!
  25. The hypothetical becomes real
  26. What about the Cleansing Fire Movement?
  27. United Church of Christ to Sponsor Gay Games
  28. Homosexual threads
  29. Comprehensive thoughts on Homosexuals
  30. Single Moms as Ministers
  31. Homosexuality
  32. Immoral sex by Heterosexuals
  33. The Judgment of God
  34. Families: Beware the homosexual lobby's agenda (redux)
  35. Homosexual
  36. Families: Beware the homosexual lobby's agenda
  37. Rock Star regrets abortion.
  38. "I was raised by lesbians, and I oppose gay marriage" by Robert Oscar Lopez
  39. Diocese of Worchester Sued in Discrimination Case
  40. Abortion and God's Forgiveness
  41. Bishop Stripped of Job over Orgy
  42. Student Protest Closes Catholic School
  43. RC teaches that homosexuals will not enter Heaven
  44. Pro-life Stories
  45. Pro-life Project
  46. National Pro Life Petition
  47. GOP plans bill protecting organizations who support traditional marriage
  48. Americas Worst Crime - - "ABORTION"
  49. Americas Worst Crime - -[SIZE="3"] "ABORTION"[/SIZE]
  50. Archbishop Myers of Newark in the News Again
  51. Decline of the Human Species?
  52. THE DEFINITIVE Homosexual Debate
  53. Gay conversion therapy
  54. The Gay Lobby in the Vatican
  55. Sex & Temptation
  56. Rhythm method of birth control
  57. Flee!
  58. What if lots of people break a law?
  59. Examining the gay DESECRATION of Marriage : A THEOLOGICAL APPROACH
  60. Pluck it out!
  61. Shocking but true!
  62. Gay Marriage rights in Australia
  63. Morality cannot be legislated
  64. Homosexual Marriage—Golden Rule for Marriage?
  65. (The Truth - Homosexuality) & The Innate-Immutable Argument Finds No Basis in Science
  66. Christian Founder of eHarmony Says Gay Marriage Debate 'Damaged Company'
  67. Supreme Court Unlikely To Deliver Gay-Marriage Mandate
  68. Why Gay Marriage isn't a Civil Right
  69. Pedophiles in the Priesthood
  70. German Bishops Mulling Morning After Pill
  71. Sexual difference critical to understanding marriage, authors say
  72. Till adultery does you part ?
  73. The domestic church
  74. How redefining marriage affects your religious liberty
  75. Doctors urged to prescribe teens Plan B before they have sex
  76. Planned Parenthood Plan's the Destruction of American Religious Values
  77. Is Homosexuality Really A Disorder ?
  78. Support for preserving marriage grows in key states
  79. Homosexual church members
  80. abortion
  81. God says love
  82. Some Like It Hot
  83. Marriage: Unique for a Reason!
  84. The Facts about Talmudic Sexual Morality
  85. The Issue Of Pre-Marital Sex
  86. Jonathan Merritt Shares His Story
  87. Contraception
  88. On the Promotion of Homosexuality in the Schools
  89. Is it Murder?
  90. Help to fight my homosexuality
  91. Calif. bishop says 'gay marriage' unjust to children
  92. Calif. gay therapy restriction bill called intrusive, unscientific
  93. African American leaders blast NAACP 'gay marriage' support
  94. Why Christians Will Lose The Homosexual Marriage Debate
  95. Obama backs Gay Marriage
  96. Homosexual Dan Savage Attacks The Bible
  97. The 10 virgins.
  98. Did I hear right? Girlscouts support planned parrenthood.
  99. CORRUPTION WATCH:Will Pope Benedict Help The Victims Of A "False Prophet"?
  100. Not caring about women's health?
  101. One homosexual who came out of denial
  102. Take a ride down the slippery slope
  103. Should Contraceptives Be Free in Health Plans?
  104. Proposition 8 voted as Unconstitiutional
  105. A Different Take of the Woman at the Well
  106. Help
  107. I need strong advises from members, i am left confused!
  108. Abortion: Is it murder?
  109. Homosexuality in the Bible
  110. Why Abortions are performed.
  111. FINALLY ! Some Improving Statistics On Pre-marital Sex
  112. ABORTION: The Number One Cause Of Americn Deaths
  113. Lust!
  114. Abortion industry crack-up
  115. Supreme Court Rules Hate-Filled Homophobia Is Legal
  116. Interest in Sex Declining in Japan
  117. Man marries pillow
  118. Father Cutie's book
  119. Just found Him & need help
  120. Is This True?
  121. Some questions for heterosexuals
  122. The Homosexualization of America
  123. Sex abuse among Protestants
  124. I seek a courageous minister
  125. The Pope drops Catholic ban on condoms
  126. marriage question...appreciate your advice
  127. Homosexuals Will Drive Out Military Chaplains (PRAISE GOD !)
  128. Some questions for Homosexuals
  129. Homosexuals were made to be Homosexuals
  130. The gay advertising here at True2Ourselves
  131. Anti-gay Pastor Accused in Homosexual Relationships
  132. I'm Born This Way
  133. 'Marked for Death' - An Abortion Survivor's Story
  134. Middle School Gives Students Birth Control Pill
  135. Anti-bullying efforts in schools push gay agenda
  136. Lesbian Minister Heads to Church Court Again
  137. The Most Popular FALSE TEACHING In Protestant Churches
  138. Same Sex Marriage continued....
  139. Lutherans breaking with church over gay clergy
  140. N.C. Students Who Opt Out of Abortion Coverage Won’t Get Premium Reduction
  141. Feds embargo pro-abstinence findings
  142. Former United Church of Christ President Chooses Adulterous Relationship, Divorce
  143. Prop 8 Ruling Could Criminalize Christianity, Leaders Warn
  144. Same-Sex Marriage Judge Finds That a Child Has Neither a Need Nor a Right to a Mother
  145. Who cares what the Church teaches?
  146. Charges Dropped Against Man Arrested While Praying Outside Abortion Clinic/Chicago
  147. Training Americans on How to Respond to Gay Activist Misinformation
  148. 1000 UK Girls Under 12 Prescribed Hormonal Contraceptives Last Year
  149. Pro-Life Demonstrators Arrested
  150. Dutch political party formed by paedophiles disbanded
  151. Evangelical Lutheran pulpits welcome non-celibate gay pastors
  152. Orthodox Anglicans Urged to Hold Fast to Sound Teaching
  153. Professor fired for teaching facts about Catholic Doctrine on homosexuality
  154. Black Pastor Arrested for Preaching on Public Right of Way
  155. Ga. School Forces Christian Student to Alter Beliefs to Graduate
  156. Preacher's arrest won't keep him quiet
  157. Gay Men's Chorus Serenades Retired Bishop Quinn
  158. Of Birds and Birth Control
  159. Dead Porn Stars
  160. Three Gay Popes
  161. Sexual Immorality?
  162. Homosexuality
  163. Homosexuals: What Are We Supposed to Do With Them?
  164. Lil' Sis Gone Crazy...
  165. would this be classified as adultery
  166. paedophiles
  167. mrre fo 17 yrs and now this?
  168. Homosexuality apparently the problem
  169. Ladies I ask you
  170. Pornography addiction problem and it's attractive temptations
  171. Kissing: When is it okay?
  172. Is there something wrong with me?
  173. HOMOSEXUALITY: A New Christian Approach
  174. Tlw
  175. Let's see verses
  176. God's design for the sexual union
  177. Christian, same sex marriage.
  178. Help!
  179. Reasons for Rampant Sexual Immorality
  180. Is There Really a Way to Learn to be Celibant
  181. True Love Waits Inc.
  182. Murder or Abortion
  183. A "gay exorcism" on YouTube: Thoughts?
  184. Outrageous Christian Hypocrisy
  185. Unbelief runs deep regarding sins of the sexual nature.....
  186. Is there really deliverence from bondage to sexual sins?
  187. Question for the guys...does it go here?
  188. Homosexuality - How should christians respond?
  189. Sharing a Bed
  190. Going to Hell in a Handbasket...
  191. Is Sex Only For Pleasure Sinful?
  192. What does modesty and Holiness mean to you?
  193. What is the difference
  194. NewsReleae-CalSupCt-samesexmariage
  195. SameSexMarriage/CaSupremeCt/Hearing3/5
  196. Sex before marriage
  197. Emotional Adultery
  198. Sex Offender? (pt.1)
  199. Asexual
  200. making love and divorced
  201. Sex before marriage
  202. What Is An Abomination?
  203. The Indoctrination of our youth to ACCEPT homosexuality.
  204. Sexual Immorality
  205. (Responcible sex.)
  206. We live in a sexualized society, and it causes SIN.
  207. Real Sexual Belonging
  208. The Origin of Marriage As We Know It Today
  209. homosexuality
  210. Sexual Addiction
  211. Christian Business Fined For Refusing To Photograph Gay Ceremony.
  212. Abortion and politics
  213. California Supreme Court Decision (May 15, 2008)
  214. Same Sex Marriage