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  1. Missouri to teach Bible studies in Public Schools
  2. The Truth About Who Trump Is
  3. A certain mindset ?
  4. No Collusion
  5. Cpac 2019
  6. There is hope Yet!
  7. Christian Rationalism
  8. BREAKING: Trump blasts Virginia Democrats for defending infanticide
  9. Dangerous Legislation in Congress
  10. Trump's First Address to the Nation
  11. Gutfeld: 2018 was a year of things I never thought I'd see
  12. I will Not Vote for John Kasich
  13. Presidential Humor
  14. President George H.W. Bush: 1924-2018
  15. National Christmas Tree and White House
  16. There's Always a Bright Side
  17. Another SCOTUS Win!
  18. Are Organized Lawbreakers Christian?
  19. The Nation’s Guide of Choice
  20. Here’s how young black conservative women are changing the face of the GOP
  21. Make Every Election a Bash
  22. Pope Francis and CP
  23. Facebook Censors Campaign Video from Brilliant GOP Candidate source link
  24. So Far, So Good
  25. An American's Creed
  26. Illegal ‘Felon’
  27. Happy Independence Day
  28. The Collapse of the Collusion Narrative
  29. Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem
  30. How soon they forget
  31. Red and Blue Christians
  32. Real poll for Trump
  33. 4/3/18 - Trump's Approval Higher Thank Obama at Same Time
  34. China Opens First Overseas Military Base
  35. Message from Colin Noir
  36. Stop Paying Certain Amount of taxes to Fund Planned Parenthood
  37. FCC Chairman Quotes Bible
  38. Trump to be Minted on Temple Half Shekel
  39. Trump Is Winning - POLITICO
  40. We fight not against flesh and blood...
  41. I am Proud of Those Students
  42. 2nd Dance
  43. On Being, Scandal Asphyxiated
  44. President Trump Delivers the State of the Union Address
  45. Upright, Over & Out
  46. Destroying Sovereignty
  47. Trump's Red-Hot Poker
  48. America in Bible prophecy
  49. States who state, WORTHY
  50. from the Leader of the Free World...
  51. Massacre in Texas
  52. POTUS Intensity, the List
  53. Thanks to the Veterans
  54. Same-ol' Collusion
  55. 'Biggest Tax Cut in US History' - Passed
  56. Is George W Bush skipping to the left?
  57. The U.S. Constitution and "the Year of our Lord"
  58. What's to Like About Trump?
  59. The 100 Percent Run
  60. Technical issues?
  61. No more snipping
  62. Important: Ignoring User
  63. All Read Before Posting
  64. The Bottomless Wedge
  65. House: No Military "Dreamers"
  66. Gun Control for the Chicagoan
  67. Happy Armed forces Day
  68. Dems Reject Obama's Trade
  69. Push-n-Pull of Persecution
  70. UK Elections
  71. GoFundMe Against Christians
  72. We the Judges
  73. "Imminent" Return of Christ
  74. Should Christians Enlist Under Obama?
  75. Man Up, Campus Christian
  76. Search Shenanigans
  77. The Harm on Good Conscience
  78. One Mayor Against Shariah
  79. Resisting the FOIA
  80. Obama's 3rd-Term Ghost
  81. Intel “Awareness” Briefing
  82. State of the Union Heads
  83. Mount-Up!
  84. Again - NO U.S. Terrorists!
  85. Ostracizing the Constituency
  86. Communists Infiltrating Protest Movements?
  87. The Obama Doctrine
  88. Is Democracy really the best kind of govt there is???
  89. Flashback
  90. Alan Keyes: Obama’s Brilliance
  91. Is Turkey playing a cynical game?
  92. Was it worth it?
  93. Forbidding the FBI To Use Religion
  94. Cowards Start Wars ,Send the Brave To Die.
  95. The Church
  96. Anti-Gay Ex-Governor Moves in with Gay Priest
  97. Obama is good at killing people
  98. Canadian Customs and Hindu Priests
  99. Baptists land lucrative government contracts
  100. Why is there such polarity in the U.S. between GOP and Democratic Christians?
  101. The world is sliding into anarchy
  102. What form of politics is allowed?
  103. Marco Rubio is a conservative American hero
  104. Almost Everything You Have Been Told About The Minimum Wage Is False
  105. On The Last Judgement and the Just Wage Paid Out To Workers
  106. Do-Nothing Obama Challenged by Sen. Marco Rubio
  107. Tea Party Victory: IRS Backs Down on Tea Party Fight
  108. Sen. Coburn: Tea Party is all About 'Limited Government'
  109. Conservatives in Strong Position for 3 Georgia House Runoffs
  110. Santorum: Monica Wehby Can't Have it Both Ways on Abortion
  111. PPP Poll: Huckabee Leads Tight GOP Race in Iowa
  112. Texas Lt. Gov. Runoff Hits New Low With Release Of Psych Records
  113. McCain: Obama Using Politics in VA Scandal Probe
  114. Ted Cruz: Democratic Senators Want to ‘Repeal the First Amendment’
  115. Mitt Romney to Campaign for Joni Ernst in Iowa GOP Senate Primary
  116. Dinesh D'Souza forced to plead guilty to crime by Obama supporters
  117. Front Page News... Obama Secret Handshake
  118. For anyone who thinks Democrats are not Communists at heart......
  119. It's Time That We End the Equal Pay Myth
  120. Michelle Obama's Racism
  121. Senator Rubio & the Weed Question
  122. Dinesh D’Souza Pleads Guilty to Campaign Fraud
  123. Dinesh D'Souza gets quite clever to promote his new movie
  124. Frightening
  125. VA Fast-Tracks Sex Change for Manning While Vets Die on Waiting Lists
  126. The Cowardice of Democrat Wendy Davis
  127. REAL Immigration Reform
  128. Democrat Running for Wis. Gov. Used Business Tax Loophole
  129. Ben Carson Weighs 'Calling' for Presidential Run
  130. 17-Year-Old Says 'Daddy Taught Me Right', Retrieves Gun to Stop Burglar
  131. Illegal Immigrant Kills Cop Driving on the Wrong Side of the Freeway Drunk
  132. Former Abortion Provider Turned Christian: Abortion Clinics a 'Cash Cow'
  133. Sessions: Law Enforcement Cannot Bend to Demands of Immigration Law Breakers
  134. Lawmakers Call for Probe of Obamacare Contractor that Hired Workers to Do Nothing
  135. Obama Administration Paves Way for Obamacare Bailout
  136. Missouri Lawmakers Pass Bill to Return Control of Education Standards to State
  137. Exclusive: Citizens Arrest Park District Board for Refusing Public Comment
  138. US Chamber of Commerce Calls For Immigration Reform
  139. Tea Party Leader Argues For Immigration Reform
  140. The Administration Scandal Game: Nixon or Obama?
  141. AlfonZo Rachel Exposes the GOP 2016 Weaknesses
  142. The GOP's Best Bet To Finally Win Over Hispanic Voters? President George W. Bush
  143. Florida politics haunts immigration issue
  144. Sabato: GOP Senate Picks Ups Probably 'Plus Six' in Midterms
  145. Tim Geithner: The White House Asked Me to Mislead the Public
  146. Democrat Hulsey Confronted by Black Republican for calling GOP Racist
  147. Utah residents become next to confront Bureau of Land Management, in growing debate
  148. Mike Huckabee, Benghazi, and Watergate
  149. Benghazi Select Committee Packed With Legal Powerhouses
  150. The Storm Clouds Begin to Gather
  151. Pope demands legitimate redistribution of wealth
  152. On Apostolic Communism
  153. Black Genocide: The Democrats Institutionalized Racism
  154. Hey MSNBC, Democrats Were the Defenders of Slavery & Hateful Policies, Not the GOP
  155. CA Obamacare Patients Driving to Tijuana, Mexico for Cheaper, Faster Care
  156. ‘Fixing’ Income Inequality a Communist Idea; Social Mobility Is An American Idea
  157. Ex-Reagan Aide Adelman: Obama Lacks Fortitude, Strategy on Russia
  158. Democrats Open Door to Taking Part in Benghazi Probe
  159. Sarah Palin Hopes Chelsea Pregnancy Will Open Hillary's Eyes on Pro-Life Issues
  160. Dem Congresswoman Uses VA Deaths To Raise Campaign Money
  161. Benghazi 'Spin' Has Jay Carney's Reputation Under Fire
  162. Jeb Bush on illegal immigration and situation ethics
  163. Washington State Dems Accept Money From Racist Cult Leader
  164. A Reagan Forum with Greg Gutfeld — March 26, 2014
  165. Back Any Candidate You Want As Long As It's One Of These Three
  166. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling
  167. Jeb Bush on illegal immigrants crossing the border "an act of love"
  168. Botched Executions
  169. Texas AG Abbott to BLM: "Come and Take It"
  170. A Conversation with Mike Huckabee
  171. Pius the Good; The Brief for a Much Maligned Pope
  172. Two of Bill Bennett's favorite recent GOP ads
  173. Democrats: The KKK party – hate without end
  174. Failure to Launch: Adult Children Moving Back Home
  175. Study: Corn biofuels release more greenhouse gases than gasoline
  176. Would You Locate a Business Here?
  177. AlfonZo Rachel Exposes the Big LIES of Liberalism
  178. U.S. ground troops going to Poland, defense minister says
  179. The Death of Democracy?
  180. More Nazi-Style Tactics
  181. More Proof: Liberals are the Racists, not Conservatives
  182. With or Without Sebelius, Obamacare Has Always Been the Problem
  183. The Party of Abortion (Democrats) Goes Extreme
  184. A very expensive wine
  185. The IRS Scandal Comes Into Focus
  186. Could this Republican be the First Female President in History?
  187. Heritage Founfation: Obamacare Bankrupting America
  188. GOP Embraces Possible Switch by Maine Sen. Angus King
  189. Krauthammer: Left 'Totalitarian' About Opposing Views
  190. Obama BLM Retreats After Tense, Armed Standoff with Protesters
  191. Three Ways Christians Rationalize Voting for Pro-Abortion Candidates
  192. Should Republican Lawmakers Be Allowed to Have Guns?
  193. Moochelle Obama: I've never been proud of America
  194. Thomas Jefferson Quotes
  195. Charles Koch: 'Collectivists’ Promise Heaven, Deliver Hell
  196. Can you insure yourself against committing a crime?
  197. Dem Rep. Keith Ellison Says Obama Should Have Taken Supported Islamists
  198. Benghazi and the Obama Administration
  199. Obama Derangment Syndrome
  200. Democrat Crime Wave Sweeps America
  201. Obamacare Navigators Helping People Enroll At Mexican Consulates
  202. Is Harry Reid Senile or Just Stupid?
  203. RUSH: End of Left's Honeymoon with Pope Francis?
  204. GOP Cites 'Accounting Gimmick' in CBO Report on Immigration Bill
  205. Jimmy Carter: Obama Doesn't Call Me, NSA Spies on Me, Too
  206. Saudis Bar JPost Reporter From Covering Obama's Trip There
  207. Romney: Obama 'Has to Account for' Ukraine Crisis
  208. More Corruption From Democrats
  209. Even More Liberal Stupidity
  210. The Republican Party is Reaching Out to All Races and Groups
  211. The Tea Party Isn't Dying – The GOP Establishment Is
  212. Sharpton unveils race-baiting scheme for increasing 2014 midterm turnout
  213. Rush Limbaugh Resues a Liberal
  214. Obama Illegally Increases Bailout Protection For Health Care Insurers
  215. Obamacare Architect Emanuel: Most Employers Will Drop Health Coverage
  216. Memo to the GOP: A Vast Majority -- Including Hispanics -- Opposes Obamacare
  217. IRS employs former cop convicted of FBI snooping
  218. 252 Examples of Obama’s Lies, Law breaking and Corruption
  219. Israel can’t rely on ‘weak’ US to deal with Iran, Ya’alon warns
  220. Obama lectures families on their budgets, affording Obamacare
  221. Republican Rand Paul fires up a Berkeley crowd
  222. REAL Tea Party News
  223. Mia Love - Speech At Republican National Convention
  224. Articles Of Impeachment Filed By Black Republicans
  225. Ari Fleischer: GOP Growth and Opportunity Project Makes Gains
  226. Remember Obama Mocking Romney Over Russia Concerns?
  227. Adolf Obama's Brownshirts Strike Again
  228. Russian Deputy Prime Minister openly mocks ‘Comrade’ Obama
  229. Palin Was Right, Obama Was Wrong
  230. Tea Party News
  231. A New Level of Liberal Stupidity
  232. Who will clean our hotels and do our landscaping?
  233. Tea Party Leader Says Don't Vote for Methodists!
  234. My how things change in just a few short years.
  235. Pope Francis' Rebuke
  236. Religious Freedom Day, 2014
  237. De Blasio Springs Bishop from Jail
  238. Catholic Bishops Applaud Anti-Gay Law in Nigeria
  239. Congresswoman Sandra Fluke?
  240. Glenn Beck excoriates NY Governor for telling ‘extreme conservatives’ to get out
  241. Why did uber-lib Sean Penn have a massive stash of guns?
  242. Brit Hume: Gov. Christie Victim of 'Feminized Atmosphere'
  243. If you like your Senator. . . .
  244. Shock and Dismay on the Left: Rush Limbaugh More Admired Than Mrs. Clinton
  245. General: Muslim Brotherhood Members In The Obama Administration
  246. "Amazing America" with Sarah Palin
  247. Mark "Coonrippy" Brown for Governor
  248. A Time For Choosing
  249. Republicans and evolution
  250. Little did the Platters know in 1955...