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  1. The Freefall of Everything Frank
  2. The Push
  3. Log-off to Boot-up
  4. Do you believe in Christian healing?
  5. The reason very few recognize miracles?..
  6. DNA shows jews seperate people
  7. The end of the Fossil Fuel era is upon us so what are we going to do next-?
  8. Cold Grace Cybersky
  9. The Breach, the Manipulation
  10. The 'SCIENTIFIC' revolution
  11. Catholics and Atheists believe in the Same thing - Almost
  12. What Evidence Do We Need?
  13. Fr. Robert J. Spitzer - The Evidence for God from Contemporary Physics
  14. Lost Technology
  15. What does the Bible say about insects
  16. Challenge to Evolutionism
  17. Update - Your recognition ma'am
  18. Question for believers in intelligent design
  19. Laminin and the cross
  20. Guiding Silence
  21. Electronics Breakthrough
  22. Obama Floats Astronomical Opinion
  23. Is the Big Bang theory about to go bang?
  24. Real Science vs modern science
  25. Evolution, A Seducer?
  26. MIT Scientist offers proof of God
  27. Galileo-Darwin
  28. Image and likeness ?/Adam
  29. For better or worse ?
  30. Are People Becoming Dumber?
  31. Nature
  32. Leading Climate Scientist Defects: No Longer Believes in the 'Consensus'
  33. Tears.
  34. Alan Shepard
  35. Miracle Approved for Bishop Sheen
  36. Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' Debates Ken Ham
  37. Massive Hole Discovered under Antarctica bigger than The Grand Canyon.
  38. The biggest con and cover up/Exposed
  39. Hazy,dazy,crazy days ?
  40. The Principle ?
  41. While we were focused on Global Warming...
  42. One paint brush, many colors.
  43. Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God
  44. Elemental Human Make-up
  45. Brains and Creation
  46. filling the gaps
  47. Talk about Prophetic... Olive Trees
  48. aaaooooowwaaahhhh ;)
  49. Could the universe be 'spoken' into existence?
  50. Creation and Evolution
  51. Gene therapy cures leukaemia in eight days
  52. New Results Indicate That Particle Discovered at CERN Is a Higgs Boson
  53. God Bless the Bee! Bee Venom Can Kill HIV, Study Says
  54. 'God particle': Confirmation is 'achingly close'
  55. Doomsday Volcanoes
  56. Intelligent Design/Intelligent Designer
  57. The missing link ?
  58. Millions of years ?
  59. Catholics come home now
  60. How Does the Optimism Bias Affect You?
  61. SpiNNaker Computer Chip Mimics the Brain
  62. Do Human Clones Have Souls?
  63. Designer Babies – Like It Or Not, Here They Come
  64. Happy Birthday Darwin
  65. Tipping point found
  66. The Growing Universe
  67. Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design
  68. what is life?(absolute nonanthropocentricism leads to anthropocentricism
  69. Two Good Debates
  70. Humpty Dumpty science ?
  71. Immunizations Without Aborted Fetal Cells
  72. Why are Catholics Praising the Nobel Prize Stem Cell Technology?
  73. Vatican Observatory head praises Curiosity rover landing
  74. Problems With Raidocarbon Dating.
  75. Literal Biblical Creationism
  76. Convert to Geocentrism
  77. Atheists for Intelligent Design
  78. Amazing Science
  79. Why Science Needs the Christian Worldview
  80. Where Did the Towers Go: Dustification at the World Trade Center Complex
  81. Life on Venus?
  82. Sun shoots a fastball at Earth, but minimal impact expected
  83. The Impact of Science on Society
  84. The Cambrian Explosion
  85. Theistic Evolutionists - Lukewarm -Come Home
  86. Alien Galaxies
  87. The Wipeout Gene: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Cripples its own Offspring
  88. Man-made super-flu could kill half humanity
  89. I believe I can prove Gods Existance through science.
  90. That myth?? of The Kraken
  91. Atheism
  92. ET Coming Soon
  93. Male-male bonding in zebra finches
  94. Fine tuned universe
  95. Galileo was wrong
  96. Proof for atheists
  97. The unimaginable God can never be touched even by your intelligence or logic
  98. Only atheists deny miracles
  99. God is never non-existent
  100. The God of science
  101. God can never be understood-the real understanding of God
  102. The true knowledge about God
  103. Miracles, Scientists, Atheist and God
  104. Birds Dying Because of DADT Repeal
  105. Chupacabra? Sick animal? Hoax?
  106. Genesis 1:1 vid clip
  107. Christian perspectives on assisted reproductive technology, ART.
  108. New Program Can Translate Ancient Biblical Script
  109. Experiments with Platinum Simulate Evolutionary Transition of Snails
  110. Blood Pressure Breakthrough Holds Real Hope for Treatment
  111. Light Drinking During Pregnancy not Harmful to Child's Development
  112. Habitable Planet Discovered, Gliese 581g; Does it Have Life?
  113. Having Faith 'helps patients live longer', Study Suggests
  114. Scientists and Belief
  115. Test-tube Baby Pioneer wins Nobel Prize for Medicine
  116. Laws of Physics vary...new study suggests
  117. Miracle in St. Louis?
  118. What is this...?
  119. Truth, facts, philosophy and science
  120. Copernicus Reburied
  121. It Lives!
  122. Christian Lifestyle Views
  123. Laminin
  124. Occurance of the Divine Spiral
  125. The law, philosophy and science
  126. Bible and science of numbers !
  127. By the knowledge of God; Is Creation formed from nothing?
  128. Discussing Genesis 1 & 2 - Your thought please....
  129. Fabricated & Falsified Research
  130. The delusions of scientists
  131. FYI: Faith helps
  132. dinosaurs
  133. Is this Science or Religion?
  134. New developments in stem cell research
  135. Calming the storm- is Bill Gates the next Jesus?
  136. When they say peace and safety
  137. Public opinion and science
  138. Come Waltzing Matilda... new dinosaurs
  139. Analysis says bones are St Pauls
  140. Global Warming or God?
  141. The Missing Link Found?
  142. Science proves the power of prayer
  143. science huh?
  144. A Big Step Toward Creating Synthetic Life
  145. Adam, Eve, and Evolution
  146. How Long does the Male Gene Have?
  147. Faith helps through life’s pains
  148. What Love Means
  149. Jesus and Buddha
  150. Jesus and the Butterfly
  151. Homosexuality not Choice says Scientists
  152. How long Did God wait before EVERTHING was created?
  153. The scientific method
  154. Go backwards or forwards?
  155. Religion and science as medical care
  156. Religion and Evolution
  157. The Science of Free Will
  158. Drawing the line between science and Faith
  159. God=science=freedom
  160. Christianity and the age of the Earth
  161. GOD, Man, Brotherhood, and The Algebra Of Peace Part 1
  162. Spirituality Is Perfect Because...
  163. The Invisible Things
  164. Three Concepts Regarding God
  165. Extraterrestrial Life
  166. The Morality of Cloning
  167. Evolution