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  1. Where was Peter in AD 42-64 ??
  2. "Paradise"
  3. Born Again, the Bible Way (by Tim Staples)
  4. ECF Origen 3rd Century I 1-3
  5. Why the Bereans Rejected Sola Scriptura
  6. Gregory of Nyassa Moses II 160
  7. Jesus specifically said...
  8. Worship, veneration, etc.
  9. The Problem With Attacking Catholicism
  10. The Amazing Truth On Grace!
  11. The Life of Man—To Know and Love God
  12. Are we free to call the 1st Person the Father of God?
  13. YHWH All mighty is the Rock
  14. Is Purgatory a Catholic Invention? No Way
  15. What Is Mary In Heaven ??
  16. Old Test. God vs New Test. God
  17. Hell
  18. The Bible - the Word of God?
  19. An extract from Revelation The Last Prophecy a book by Sheba Amlak
  20. Killing and the Christian
  21. Is Jesus Serious?
  22. The Eucharist
  23. God bless!
  24. What A Christian Needs To Please God
  25. Water Baptism: Why? How? When?
  26. Authority to Teach, by Jim Blackburn
  27. Paul - The 13th Apostle Opposing The 12 Chosen Apostles
  28. Is Mary's Queenship Biblical?
  29. The Trinity and Oneness are the essentially the same.
  30. Baptism: Immersion Only?
  31. Lois and Eunice
  32. The GLORIFIED BODY of Jesus & its 4 QUALITIES...
  33. Jesus the Christ: both PRIEST and VICTIM.
  34. God's Will.
  35. Is it The Real Jesus?
  36. The 2 WILLS of JESUS CHRIST, Divine & Human...
  37. Jesus said, I Am Not of the World
  38. Work Out Your Salvation
  39. Scott Hahn explains Papal Infallibility
  40. Is this true about Roman Catholicism?
  41. Mark of the Beast and Ash Wednesday
  42. The DOGMA of the Assumption of Mary
  43. What day did God set and give to mankind as the Sabbath?
  44. What does God do with our Sins...?
  45. Is Predestination True?
  46. Angels and Demons
  47. Why Baptize Babies?
  48. Does the day of Christ ressurection change the Sabbath?
  49. No man knoweth the day or the hour
  50. The Canaan woman
  51. The Fruit of the Vine
  52. Is Sin Inherited?
  53. Is Sin Inherited?
  54. The weather
  55. Glory , Glory
  56. Odd Statements of Paul
  57. Good measure
  58. The difference Between Religion and the Gospel
  59. The Beggar and His Sins
  60. Cast to the right
  61. Why I am an atheist and a naturalist
  62. Is God’s justice close to an eye for an eye?
  63. None is Righteous, No, Not One
  64. tested
  65. The Great Principle of Jesus
  66. Contradictions Between Acts and Paul's Letters
  67. God in ancient China
  68. Is the Greatest Commandment Still Valid?
  69. Signs and wonders
  70. happy new year
  71. The Tempting of Jesus
  72. The two edged sword
  73. The Spiritual value
  75. If Abraham is a first Hebrew then who is Ishmael?
  76. Call No Man on Earth Father
  77. The Lord's Supper
  78. Jesus and the Whip of Cords
  79. God is omniscient, Jesus is God, but Jesus is not omniscient.
  80. The Gospel or Good News
  81. Punishment in Hell is NOT Eternal
  82. Jesus and the Abundant Life
  83. Good timing
  84. +Faith Lost+
  85. Should people rest on Fri, Sat, or Sun
  86. Disguised message in Luke and Acts
  87. Keys To The Kingdom Of God
  88. Open doors
  89. G.o.s.p.e.l.
  90. born again
  91. THE SIGNS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH - Sumerian roots of Hebrew Law
  92. Luke
  93. John Mark - Gospel of Peter?
  94. Peter's authority and Rome
  95. Assurance of Salvation
  96. He that comes from above.
  97. The Importance of Hell
  98. The Message
  99. How Christ-like is our speech?
  100. ARTICLE: "Assurance" isn't Assuring
  101. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
  102. Why did the sinless man Jesus also need to be "fully God"?
  103. Who are the Tares ?
  104. ARTICLE: Peter’s Authority: More Solid than a Rock
  105. The Called !
  106. ARTICLE: To Make the Invisible Visible
  107. Eternal Sanctification !
  108. It’s time to talk about “UPON”, not “IN”
  109. When Does Jesus Say He Will Return?
  110. I have a question about John 14
  111. No condemnation in Christ Jesus !
  112. Sabbath is a wonderful gift of God
  113. Eternal Security of the Believer !
  114. I never Knew you, depart from Me !
  115. Was the Trinity included in Jesus’ gospel?
  116. Freewill religion is the Man of Sin !
  117. Ephesians 2:1-3
  118. Eternal Union of Christ and His Children
  119. God's double decree of predestination !
  120. Ye must be born again !
  121. Do you believe in the 4 Christian baptisms?
  122. Understanding who Jesus was, the Creator and Lord of the Sabbath.
  123. A Problem to solve in Christian theology
  124. Christ was appointed a Kingdom !
  125. Who are the Children of Promise ?
  126. Can God get bigger?
  127. The Myth of saying that God Loved all men in the world without exception !
  128. Why did Vatican I need to declare anything?
  129. How many infallible papal pronouncements?
  130. His Elect !
  131. A Question about Lying to God
  132. Mary's Role In Christianity - Agree or Disagree?
  133. Jesus the man from heaven
  134. Reconciled while enemies
  135. Pharasaism
  136. They that are of Faith are The True Israel of God
  137. Pauls conversion serves as an pattern to those who shall believe !
  138. Illumination
  139. Liturgy
  140. Preaching the Gospel of God's Grace in Salvation
  141. Romans 5:15-17
  142. No Charges against God's Elect !
  143. How dumb is the Devil?
  144. until christians can clean house & throw out idolatry how can they be taking serious
  145. Gender of God ?
  146. Scriptures that appear to Teach against limited Atonement !
  147. Did Jesus teach election ?
  148. Where'd He go? Where is He now?
  149. a good question
  150. Omnipotence
  151. Sinners in Hell
  152. Where does Saving Faith come from ?
  153. Can God forget?
  154. All Ethnic jews are not the Chosen people of God! -
  155. What about Adam ?
  156. Is there a Difference between Law and Grace ?
  157. Christ the Son of God !
  158. Some Thoughts on the Nature of Sin
  159. The Myth of saying that Jesus Christ died for all men without exception !
  160. He that believeth on me
  161. Do not ask any thing from God which is either related to present or future
  162. Real devotees do not expect benefit from God
  163. Why do not all see God?
  164. The Rule of Scripture ("Sola Scriptura")
  165. Let's talk about Jesus Christ
  166. Faith Alone? That's not what the Bible says
  167. Idolatry: What it is and isn't
  168. Bible principles and Protestantism
  169. One or Three Gods accoring to the name of God
  170. are we done yet?
  171. The Bible and practices in the RCC and EOC
  172. The Book of Job: how do you read it?
  173. Salvation Is Not Asking Jesus Into One's Heart.
  174. Jesus Never Chatted.
  175. 2520 Days of the Tribulation from Feast of Trumpets 2015 to Tisha B'Av 2022
  176. Did Jesus ever joke?
  177. A Christian Pastor to debate a Muslim today (Sun Jan 16 2011)
  178. The Pope Talks about St. Catherine of Genoa
  179. How many PLANS of salvation are there ??
  180. You shall have no false gods before me
  181. 500,000 brave injuries to touch Black Nazarene - Idol worship?
  182. Sincere interest in atheist and or other belief perceptions on the story of Jesus.
  183. On What Day Was Jesus Born?
  184. Which Baptism do you believe in ??
  185. Freedom in Christ
  186. Mary is scary (to Protestants)
  187. The place of Mary in Christianity
  188. How was Paul SAVED ??
  189. How are we saved today ??
  190. Did the BODY OF CHRIST have a beginning ??
  191. The first time the Departure is mentioned ?
  192. What does CHRISTIANOS really means and to who ??
  193. What means Gal 2:9 ?
  194. Matt 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15-18 is there a difference ?
  195. Is BORN AGAIN for us ???
  196. There more than ONE Gospel in the bible ??
  197. What is the Name of this Church ??
  198. What does SAVED mean in Eph 2:8 ??
  199. Which came FIRST Covenants or Dispensations ??
  200. who were COVENANTS given too??
  201. What is Heb 6:1 saying to us ??
  202. What does Matt 28:19and 20 mean ??
  203. Do you have to confess Sins ??
  204. What message did Jesus TEACH ??
  205. The Law or Old Covenant was set aside , WHEN ??
  206. What does the Holy Spirit mean in John 20:22 ??
  207. Past Godproven website copies searched for.
  208. Denomination............
  209. Official Dialogue of the RCC and OC
  210. Protestant Is As Protestant Does
  211. Dr. Scott Hahn on the Papacy
  212. Where is the rapture
  213. The Third Heaven?
  214. Did the Christian Church Apostize?
  215. God was once a man: Totally Absurd?
  216. In the tomb with Jesus
  217. Wine
  218. The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon
  219. Devil's Advocate
  220. Lets get radical about Christian unity
  221. An Opinion about rituals "in religions:"
  222. A Study/focus on Acts 21:20-21
  223. Peter's sermon on Pentecost
  224. What if...
  225. Was James confused?
  226. Calvinism, Arminianism, or Universalism
  227. "Authority" and the Orthodox Church
  228. Doctrinal Agreement
  229. The different sides of God
  230. God no longer male, Scottish Episcopal Church rules
  231. Is the soul immortal?
  232. “I Don't Want to Believe in God”
  233. In whose name John baptised Jewish men in water?
  234. Haitians Cry Out To the Lord
  235. In Response to MoreExcellentWay
  236. Apocalyptic
  237. What Tribulation position of the rapture do you hold to?
  238. Is being "slain in the spirit" from God???
  239. The Immutability and Impassivity of God
  240. Substitutionary Atonement
  241. Can a person think he is saved and really not be?
  242. Some Thoughts on the nature of sin
  243. Did God Create Evil?
  244. Universal Salvation or Eternal Hell.
  245. Where did evil come from?
  246. God's Fire is Spiritual NOT Literal
  247. Who is man
  248. Man does not have a freewill or choice to save himself
  249. Bride Of Christ ; Sons Of God
  250. Is Jesus the Only Way