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Our Top 10 All-Time Favorite Scroll Wedding cards


When it comes to wedding preparation, invitation cards are the foremost thing that the families of both groom and bride start looking for. Scroll wedding cards are something that is never out of trend in the Indian wedding market. They can work both ways- simple look plus royal look. Available in multiple designs, our scrolls are among the best selling invitations across the globe.  Check out some of the amazing and cool scroll wedding cards offered by us at INDIAN WEDDING CARDS.  

Go royal with this scroll wedding card in a green color - Want to get a royal feel with your wedding card? Go with the royal green colored scroll wedding card.  The material used for the scroll is in itself lovely to look and goes a long way in providing that regal feel.

Navy blue color card simple but classy look - If you want a classic aesthetic with a stylish look, then a navy-blue color scroll wedding card is for you. The design work and the silver writings make it classier.

A traditional designer scroll - Simple, graceful, and yet super magnificent, this red color scroll wedding card makes it a perfect choice for traditional lovers. So, give your guests a traditional feel by buying this scroll card at INDIAN WEDDING CARDS.  

Grace at its best - If elegance is your theme wedding, then buy the silver-colored scroll wedding card having peach shade within. The use of the pink ribbons along with the flower at its center makes it more graceful.

Use Mohar- To seal the several scroll wedding cards in its place, we use Mohar. This classic use makes it more attractive to users. 

The forever choice - You can send royal vibes through the royal gold scroll wedding card. The scroll with a white background escorted by golden fonts makes it the ideal example of a royal wedding. 

Get both traditional and scroll wedding cards - You can choose both the scroll wedding card inside the opening box and the traditional card at the side space. It gives you a great option to add more information about your wedding. 

The one with a golden outline - Wedding fonts are equally important while selecting the best wedding invitation card. The scroll wedding card outlined with golden color makes it perfect to frame your invitation message with a unique touch.

Go with thick handles - You will find several designed scroll wedding invitations at INDIAN WEDDING CARDS having thick handles. Choose this type of wedding card to convey a message for the guests or information about the different events. 

Scroll having flowers on it - If you are a lover of flowers then scroll wedding cards having flowers on it is for you. The printed flowers make your card more impressive and add extra elegance to it. 






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Wedding is the biggest celebration of your life. It means a lot to you whether it is the selection of your wedding dress, music genre, and venue of your wedding. That is enough to describe the essence of a perfect wedding invitation. An elegant invitation card gives the first hint to your guest’s what the celebration will be like!


 If you are in confusion to select the best invitation card for your wedding and need inspiration, have a look at Seven Colours trendy and unique wedding invitations. Our experts have made you available a wide range of options for the wedding invitations that have fresh vibes.


        Moody wedding invitations: - In the very first glance it might not look like a wedding card but recently it has attracts the couples attention. Its dark and moody colours strike the romantic mood and tend to work in all seasons. Another plus is that dark and moody colours give us a break from traditional gold. Moody artwork and classic calligraphy by seven colours made it a modern site.



        Wedding invitation boxes: - If you want to amaze your wedding guests with a wow effect then a box invitation can help you out. It is all-time amazing to get a wedding invitation along with eatables like dry fruits, jams, jellies and chocolates. A very formal wedding to a glamorous themed wedding box invitation can be the best choice. We provide you with all kind of box invitations at affordable prices.



        Printed envelope wedding invitation: - Gone are the days - when people send the simple plain wedding envelope invitation to their guests. The smooth flash of colours can catch your guest’s eyes while opening the invitation.  With seven colours couples can also choose the area to be printed whether it is inside, outside or both side the envelope. Also, they have multiple printing themes like a floral, peacock and other geometrical designs.



        Laser-cut wedding invitations: - You can mesmerize your guest with laser cut wedding invitations. Delicate laser cut designs brings elegance in your wedding invitation card. Seven Colours has a team of experienced and expert designers to meet all your laser cut need.


        3D wedding invitations: - No, we are not talking about any gift or showpiece for your wedding. We have a series of 3d wedding invitations with attractive designs that can seek anyone’s attention. Even after your wedding, our 3d invitations can be seen in your guest’s display shelf. Because we have professional designers who don’t follow the trend but they like to set it. You can rock your invite with unique pop-up designs.



        Venue map wedding invitation: - The idea of venue map insertion may be old but now it has changed a lot. Nowadays couples are liking the trend of giving the venue map on a piece of paper or handkerchief with personalized graphics. The orientation of hand-drawn map by us not only helps your guest to find the destination but also bring elegance in your wedding invitation.



It is incredibly difficult to craft a wedding invitation that looks cool and elegant with all the required information. Seven Colours makes it possible for you and offering a series of trendy and unique wedding invitations.

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Unique Wedding Invites for Summer Weddings.

Indian wedding cards are always unique and needs to be different. If you are planning a summer wedding then keep these pointers in mind to ensure that you have the best wedding in town. Here are some lovely summer wedding invitation ideas that you can incorporate in your wedding to make it grand and splendid.  There are companies like Indian Wedding cards that is owned by NiteshKheria , who specialize in making out of the box wedding invites. They are pioneers in this field and have an experienced team who are known to translate dreams into reality.

Here are some amazing ideas for a summer theme wedding invite

1)      Keep the Color pallete soft: Summers are hot and humid all over India. So , if you are planning to hold a summer wedding , then ensure that you opt for a wedding invite in light color scheme. Go for pastel shades over the bright and usual wedding colors like maroon, red and blue. Think of a pastel color scheme like peach, lavender, and lemon and so on. In recent days, the wedding invite for Virat and Anushka had a floral theme on it in pastel shades that you can take inspiration from.

2)      Choose the Material with care: When you are looking for a wedding invite for a summer wedding it makes sense to choose the material with care. Stay away from the usual heavy materials like velvet, satin and hard cardboard. Instead you can think of options like embossed, cut work inspired, handmade paper and so on. The idea is to go for light material that is ideal for the summer months. Also, ensure that the material goes with the color scheme that has been decided by you.

3)      Go for floral theme : If you are planning a summer wedding then decide the theme with care. The best theme to opt during this time is a floral or beach theme. Try and keep a theme that can be done indoors so that the guests and the bride and groom can stay in air condition. The wedding invite needs to be an extension of the theme chosen by you. Like, if you are going for a floral theme then take inspiration from French color schemes and paintings and have flowers embossed or printed on the card. Similarly, if you are planning to opt for a beach wedding then ensure that the wedding card gives away the same vibe as being on a beach.

4)      Keep the packing simple: Indian wedding cards are known to be grand and exquisite. The card is known to accompany a gift and the whole package needs to be done up in a unique way. Now, just because you are having a summer wedding does not mean that you deprive yourself from same. Rather, you can simply just opt for a simple packaging so that the wedding invite is light and simple but yet striking. You can actually opt for Japanese technique’s to get the desired effect.


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