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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:44 PM   [18 Jul 2009 | Saturday]

There is a solution to every problem, it is called FAITH

It is not usual that in my writings concerning Christian doctrine that I will use my own personal experiences for an example. But recently, certain circumstance have happened that I thought might be helpful if I were to share them with others. As we know, faith is the essence of Christianity. Many times throughout our lives we are faced with situations that at the time may seem insurmountable. We become concerned, which is fine, but because we cannot see a solution, that concern advances to worry. As far as I know, worrying never solved a problem…. We are instructed by Jesus in His sermons that we should take no thought for tomorrow. In other words He is saying that we should not worry; and because He has told us this, it essentially becomes a commandment. In fact, because of this aspect, worrying becomes a sin.


I live in Massachusetts. I am disabled and have an untreatable and incurable condition that causes almost intolerable pain throughout my body. I can barely walk and use a power chair to get around. Pain medication does not work which is a symptom of this condition along with difficulty breathing as well as many other bodily functions. I live on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Food Stamps. I mention all of this as background for what I am about to tell you. If any of you have read any of my other writings, then you will know that I have deep concerns about the direction that this nation; and the world; is moving. The average person is not considered in any government thinking, but becomes the means to reach their ends. We are allowing government to become larger and more powerful which limits our freedoms that will eventually regulate our religious freedoms. In fact, this is happening already….


Massachusetts requires that all residents have health insurance; it is a law. Well, now that this State is in financial trouble, it has removed much of the elements of Medicaid from the program. But, since it is required, my Social Security payments have been reduced to pay for the cost of the required elements of the law. The State and Federal government decided upon this plan without regard to the person for whom it was designed. Along with these circumstances, my Food Stamp amount was reduced because the poverty levels have been reduced in order to allow less people to receive benefits….


This is what has happened to me, but I know that it is only the beginning. I have no idea as to what I am going to do, but I do know that I will do nothing. Over the years, I have understood that what our Lord has told us is true…. He will take care of what I consider a problem only because I do not have a solution. I have asked Him to keep to His promise and I have faith that He will. I see my infirmities as a blessing because it caused me only to be able to write the books that I have written to try and assist others to find the understanding of the lessons of the Bible….


However, the events that are and have happened to me are an indication of what is coming for us all. In order to reverse the actions of governments that will adversely affect us all, we must unify our efforts to seek Divine intervention by coming to Him within a single Bible based institution.


I am and have always been a preacher. A preacher speaks to believers and attempts to assist them in the understanding of biblical lessons. I have been a Pastor of sorts and had a small group, but because of my condition, I have not been able to continue in that capacity. And as a preacher, I am telling you to follow the example of our Lord Jesus and speak out about the injustice and nonbiblical actions of those that represent us in government. There are so many denominations that none of them has much power to persuade. But, a unified Christian community could and would have the power of God to reverse the ungodly direction in which we are heading.

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3:12 AM   [30 Jun 2009 | Tuesday]

Are we so out of touch that we cannot see what is happening?

The United States has received emornous blessings from the Lord because our nation was built on Christian ideals. However, recently we have not only srayed from those ideals but some have embraced philosophies so far out of Biblical alignment that we are possibly witnessing the removal of those blessings. What is taking place within the political arena is destroying our democratic form of life and we will all suffer as a result. The church is so divided that in some areas that aspects are allowed that are totally against Biblical teachings. This type of activity must stop and we must decide not to condon politically correct actions because it satisfies some particular agenda. Our alliegence is to God and only to Him.

The Old Testament is our schoolmaster as to the results of exactly the actions that we are taking, and the consequences are no secret. The Lord may very well be allowing the decay of our government and our own personal freedoms in order to cause us to return to Him. He is our only hope for redemption and we must unify our efforts to seek His offer of salvation. We cannot expect that the very people that we have placed into a position to protect us will if fact do that, considering that they are the people that are destroying our way of life. We must all overcome our own personal opinions and return to basic Biblical doctrine and then we can seek the assistance of our Creator.

It is not something that we should consider; it is our only hope......

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