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   [20 Jan 2013 | Sunday]








Forgiven. Sanctified. Jesus keeps giving and giving, until my heart overflows: empowering. Stir up the Gift of God within. Does this need this forgiveness to relate richly to God occur because we need God all the time? Yes indeed absolutely God's forgiveness is needed to have the Ransom Paid to have peace with Him. That we may be more aware of reconciliation, grace, even abundance of grace is needed. We are totally unable to please God in our flesh and blood Isaiah 53 tells us because of our lower or old nature before salvation from Adam. We need forgiveness, the spontaneity of instantaneous erupting born again life living that starts once, but goes on, lasts forever, a surrendered life renewed in spirit with everlasting quality of life and forever lasting quantity from God alone. Be instant in season to live for God letting Him live in you. And be humbly realizing your sinful condition before salvation is well with your soul realizing your true identity changed in Christ. This is sublime! Holy Spirit led! To be counting the cost to obey Christ and be His disciple and to lay it down at Christ’s feet and rise obedient a disciple. Even to embrace the saving grip of the hand and of the love of our Savior, King, and Master even our Friend the Fairest Lord Jesus Christ and worship Him in Earth’s fullness and Heaven! For He presented His Blood and Body in our place before the Seat before the Throne-room of our Heavenly Father Abba! We so then want to receive the grace of His, even the riches of His grace to Abundance’ Fullness!! Who knows the order of God's decrees? But put to yourself the peace of Jesus and remain raised with Christ and seated with Him in the Heaven-lies! If Heaven is your goal a relationship with God Our Maker Heavenly Father Abba is primary, a priority to pursue! God loves you! He has visited you but you must desire a relationship with Him repeatedly. Access is through Jesus Christ by the new and living way of His Body and Blood that was spent for us on earth and on the cross, even His revolutionary life for 33 and a half years, and Perfectly Redeeming Blood He presented in our place to the Father Abba God Who sits on the Throne in Heaven through His Exaltation or Glorification for He sat down at Father’s right side in Heaven (meaning the Work is Finished-Done.) I Corinthians 15:1-8; Hebrews 9-13. Many of us have taken in hand to mine an image of Who God really Is and because we did not have a godly parent nor example of Holiness to follow so a balanced view of God is skewed for us and of Earthly things to be held loosely and of Heavenly Eternal things. This ambivalent view of earth and sky and beyond our galaxy to even God Himself is even impacting our lives adversely. We need to know more of the Character of God and Characteristics (His Names and their meanings,) and as they relate to us. God is spirit and we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth John 4 says. He is Spirit. He fills the universe. He is exalted above all of creation as well. He stands alone. There is no equal to the God of the Bible. God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all. Light from His swallows the dark. When it says God is light and in Him there is no darkness it means there is no sin, evil or death. God is the sum total of everything that is pure and excellent. God is pure and the promise of God is the pure in heart will see Him! And His purity is excellent! The hope of seeing Him purifies. His light swallows up the darkness. He is transcendent, within creation but above it. He created everything. He’s outside it and within the hearts of believers specially. He’s Omnipotent: All-powerful, Omnipresent: Everywhere present in His Presence, and Omniscient: All-knowing. He is a Person.

I John 4:4 says, “Whoever does not love does not know God for God is love.” It is saying love expresses the nature of God. Unless God’s love is revealed to us we do not know how to love others. Biblical love involves choice. It is a decision. It is shown in the choices we make on a daily basis. We cannot fathom or comprehend the magnitude of God’s love for us. It is high and we are well able to attain it (in faith’s measure.) God is love but love is not God. God’s love can be all-pervasive in everything but is as we know God better.

As far as expressing God’s Attributes, God’s Holiness, Righteousness, Justice, Mercy, Eternity, Faithfulness, do this as well and so does truth. It is important not to de-emphasize His other Attributes when we speak of God‘s love. There is a tendency to over-emphasize God’s attribute of love. When we speak about His love we must balance it with His other attributes. Because when we over-emphasize His love we make Him out to be little sentimental in His love.

The Law is our schoolmaster to lead us to Christ but the power of the Gospel is the Law expresses Him perfectly for it is perfect and good. He Himself expresses good in His righteousness, love and mercy in it and He undertakes to cure the effects of the Law and sin itself to make us whole born again in newness of life eating from the Tree of Life: Jesus. The Law is there to become the power of sin because to keep or obey it is unattainable in our flesh and it works death, (within and without we sin when we attempt to keep.) We fall short of God's glory. No one hit’s the mark when they are outside Jesus Christ is a fact. Ever heard of, “trying not to think of the pink elephant in the room?” But the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the law of sin and death, (and note it is past tense giving us greater assurance of Christ is our victory.) Jesus gives deliverance from sin and takes them away as far as east is from west. His love should always be emphasized with other attributes.

We learn from God’s other attributes, because He is Holy His love is pure. Because He’s Eternal His love is everlasting and it’s limitless. Because He is just and merciful His love embraces everyone. When we talk about God’s love it is important that God’s love is felt or experienced in light of His other Attributes. God is Holy, God is Righteous and therefore He will not tolerate sin in our lives. We need the glory of God lifted up within and high above and through the Heavens so we may be empowered by the Work and Person of Christ inside residing and so we can follow the righteousness which is in Christ alone, a disciple of His by the Holy Spirit. So how do we get to know God first? Let God drop into your spirit, “I want to know you God!“ and pursue or let on that you desire it. We can’t fully know everything about God but through His Son and His Attributes we can know enough to fully relate to Him. Instantaneous God can touch through Christ until you know. In your conversations with God let Him in on all your doing or being, and let Him near you, search your heart forgive the wrongs you’ve done, and let you get back into His good graces, and taking time to submit to Him submissive for receiving forgiveness and to know you through prayer closet of praying. Realize the Work of the Cross Jesus Died upon is a Word to you Finished and Fragrance in its scent of good because its so good in goodness (Charis,) (God’s grace.) God through the Apostle Paul says, “as to the Gospel of God I am a debtor to all men to preach,” Romans 1.

This is Eternal life that they may know Thee the only true God and Jesus Christ Whom You have sent I John 1. Jesus prays and prayed for you in Gethsemane and for believers everywhere and He ever lives to intercede on our behalf to be saved, sanctified, and to follow after Him. God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Let that sink in. He is longsuffering us-ward but not willing any perish and so encouraging of us as well to seek Him and His face. Precious is the death of the saints in His sight. He can keep you from failing or falling. He is your provision: All types of Provision. In Judgment of God’s all seeing eye we perish because of sins, and the Word of God in fact says otherworldliness when it says in Romans 5:7 "In due time Christ died for the-ungodly," and 5:8, "While we were still sinners (and enemies of God) Christ died for us!" Such love! Who will lay a charge against God’s elect. It is God Who justifies. Nothing I’m persuaded can separate us from His love.

Let’s seek Him with the whole heart, mind, and spirit as creation man made by Him in His image. Even being fully aware of God’s love for us as God does love us unconditionally He does not want our sacrifice alone after salvation to look upon to receive His promises. He wants our body for service voluntarily(Rom. 12:1,) and our heart devotion. But His Grace brought the Sacrifice (Eph. 2:7,8,9!) He wants us. Do you hear that? He’s safe and also untamable. His grace does it all as we co-labor pleasing Him alone not man. But do you hear the still small Voice of God deeply in your spirit? Hear His first impressions in the Word of God. You can bear your brother or sister in the Lord up in your spirit if you are beginning in prayer by getting to know God improved as a saved person. The sacrifices of God are a gentle and/or quiet spirit and/or a broken and right spirit. Repentance of the heart, the will is the perfect will of God for us. Externals follow. Follow through after mental assent and commitment to in the Story of Jesus in the Bible. Ask Jesus in. Come to Him at the cross. God puts together the broken pieces of who we are when we are releasing what is in our hand to Him. Rend your hearts and not your garments. God's Word teaches us that what is inside is really taken priority for us in Christ. He wants our heart. He wants what is inside of us which will come out of us later on. Is it living water to others? Is it healing? Does it heal others? Exalt Christ? God wants friends of us and friends and sons and daughters in rightness even the rightness of our subjection or submission to Him. This goes to even the substitution of HIS… Excellent Right Living for our sins, and not for us to become slaves of sin nor slaves of this world’s thinking anymore. And this He did. He being God’s Substitute in our place Died for the sins of the whole world. Philippians 3 explains to remain in Christ having asked Him to live inside. Washed in the Blood, we’re sanctified! Even as ruler of us and in our hearts the Lord Jesus Christ, and as Christ is Lord over us over sin God wills His ruler-ship as we obey all aspects of morality in the Word and out of the Word as saved individual. We also are letting Him rule us Holy Romans 5,6. Holiness can be a great utter relief! But he that sins is the servant of sin it says in Ezekiel, Romans, etc. but Holiness is a gift from God on the other hand. One pays wages of death (from sin,) the other Holiness leading to Everlasting life (from the gift of God in Jesus Christ.) We don’t try to impress anyone or God with our performance or good deeds but we know the Savior by grace through faith. And we should not pivot on anything but Christ’s intended action toward us in bringing purpose (to us,) nor proceed like we don't know that there is pleasure in sin for a season and that to neglect sin paramount. But indeed as Moses abstained from the pleasures of sin in some complete vision he was experiencing as seeing Him Who is Invisible Hebrews 11 said with God’s help knowing they (sins ) were but for a short season (in Egypt) even so should we too now however regard the Word of God precious and abstain/neglect sin. Egypt has always been a symbol of the world in the Word of God. “Love not the world,“ John’s letter says as well as James‘ Book. O Christian let the word of God dwell in you richly as Colossians says. It will keep you from sin to hide the Word in your heart. But if any man be “in Christ,” (He/She is forgiven;) he/she is a new creature, a new creation, the old has disappeared, THE NEW has come. Grace is the key to Christian walk and unlocking forgiveness UNLOCKED first in Jesus Christ and Tender Mercies; To us: God’s Love: it‘s conduit. Begin to know Who God Is by the way He Acts, His Stories, His Epiphany, Christ Appearances, Will, and His Way in the Bible, God‘s Holy Word. And when you pass to Heaven in death, God's Word says, God looks up in the books He’s written of your life and The Lamb’s Book: He wants to see if the name that is yours is still in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Hint, Live life through God’s lens or eyes in Christ’s Finished Work washing one another‘s feet saved. We decide by faith to believe the Gospel that it included you and me when Jesus calls and chooses His own and go after God's plan for our lives by God sanctifying you transforming you as you come to Jesus Christ to meet through prayer God daily face to face His Voice and Way. And begin by belonging to His Family get saved having compassion then loving God by grace through faith in the Finished Work of Christ to pay for your sins by His Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension, Exaltation, Glorification that happened 2000 years before. When we say these things we are on sound foundation! Salvation is the Gift of God not of works not of ourselves lest any man should boast; That's in Ephesians.2:7,8,9,10. He saves putting grace to us or a scent/fragrance of newness of life to ‘smell‘ of goodness which is Charis (Greek for grace!)! It is our profession of good works in Christ God in ordained for us to walk in. There is a Throne-room in the Heaven God puts down in Himself for this person to have (happen) who is asking for the saving of him/her, “Paid in full.“ No if’s ands or buts, but like a ring in a bell God performs heart surgery giving one a life preserver called salvation. Just call on Jesus. Call on His Name. There is a lot to a person's name and what's behind it. The same is with God's Name and Jesus'! Everything in Jesus’ Name gets applied to us. We acknowledge faith in God for believing Christian living but don’t need to change right now because God will transform us. But change we must. In God’s sight the transaction took place. The Deed has been Done And Finished in the Death of the Son. In the crucible which is trials of life God purifies you from the dross in you for first your position comes then your experience in temporality with God in this earth. Sometimes over and over the dross comes off James 1:3, 12, 14. We labor for grace in His rest to enter it for grace will be sufficient in the Potter‘s Hand. “Charis’ is the Greek word for grace and in the time of the early church it meant, “a scent or fragrance which a quality of good work,“ and it “smells good!“ After confessing you have been wrong before God and making peace with God through spiritually receiving Resurrected Jesus Christ (His Work, His Person) the Blood of Christ availing that is taking it’s effect, acknowledge Jesus Christ‘s message of salvation for you, knowing then that without Him we are nothing. We can do nothing indeed its so. But with Him there God wants/desires to dwell forever in you and put His Stamp of approval and ownership on you. How we live is God’s evidence to Himself at the end and to us of His power keeping us. God imparts and imputes to our lifestyle in Christ before others and before Him (in being saved) if we let Him in submission to obedience to the Holy Spirit at conversion. Confirmation of restoration is in the entering in of the Holy Spirit in you with fullness with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, fruit of love, and the eventual transformation of a Holy life. In the Holy Spirit we have transformation and so a change of mind, repentance, and lifestyle ensues. Evident realism is we first come to Jesus Christ His way which is the way of His Blood and Body for us through the Spirit: then this profession is positional standing God imparts and imputes to you both to will and to do in/to you of His good pleasure. You allow God first place within in every decision. Its by your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ He has first place. The Sinless Lamb of God as your life Who takes away the sins of the world gives it us freely from Whom we have Blood Covenant of this life in the Son. He promises to complete His work He started in you until that Day He comes again to takes you home! Faithfully He will bring it to pass. We then forgive freely anyone who has harmed us or offended us. We must endure to persevere believing to the end even through temptation. THROUGH is the important word. Jesus Christ is the destination. Let our lights shine being witnesses, ministers to what the Lord can do! There is so much more to the Abundant Life Christ pro-offers complete than mere forgiveness even imparts as eating at God's Table imparts and impacts too and in the enjoying moment by moment of forgiveness of His Great Fellowship like Abraham or Daniel or David did. This can be a black tie affair with limousine service in class! A Great Fellowship indeed! A Feast at the Table in the wilderness with Jesus! Even a table set before us in the Presence of our enemies. Everlasting Forever God kind of life, for all Eternity! We can live in the Presence of God in Christ and in and through the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ guided. And of this life of mercy, action, and peace we’re bond-slaves of His having emptied of our wills our desires and plans and so to obey the Resurrected Jesus’ Spirit as friend and bond-slave indeed believing God. The Spirit of life in Christ Jesus sets us free: we have a new mindset. No condemnation now I dread. Do you have a balanced view of Who God Is or are you maybe having a slavish view of God from the world? "Abba" is how God wants you to think of Him! It means "Daddy!" Or "Papa O My Papa!" Jesus introduced much of that beloved feel, that God is our Father totally good and even good in His correction of us. It’s all good to us. Whoever is forgiven much will love much! Take heed how you hear! To him who has more shall more be given! Christ has been made to us a fragrant offering, a Charis, a grace, an Overpayment for our sins. It is grace smelling good over and above with mercy overabundant. Grace is getting what you don’t deserve and mercy is not getting what you do deserve. We deserve punishment literally eternally for our sins but…God, but God Who is rich in His great mercy extravagance from Himself gave us a living hope, confident assurance, “for He knows our frame, He remembers that we are but dust.” Psalm 103. We can never ever exhaust God’s mercy. God’s mercy is so abundant we can never tell of its end nor see its end coming. God is fair and will make (it) up to us from our sorrows, disappointments, our struggles; mercifully He’ll make it up very indeed alright to us when this life is through (usefully ended,) physically. But you have to have Jesus Christ inside for it (for glorifying God alone,) or you‘ll get weighed up in the balances and found wanting. It’s not fire insurance but it does pay Eternal good even dividend great to the Body of Christ as we give up houses for Him (lands too.) And He is lifted up and we humble ourselves under His mighty hand are benefited in His due time as each one’s gift is intact functioning to help the many function equipped and tooled ready, that the many more might be saved. Jesus was God and equality with God was not something He grasped but… emptied Himself of His privileges and prerogatives to live dynamically in Holiness with loud cries and tears in order to save Himself and then us. Through great ethical deep dependence on and relying love on the Father and the Holy Spirit He aimed and hit every time THE PLEASE of His Father God Supreme and love-others Supreme. He could have grace and mercy as His privilege and prerogative so at His right side ready lest a time of need overtake, because He wanted to obey, (not only obey,) but TO PLEASURE His Heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit even to the death on a cross. Buried like Jonah God Resurrected Jesus Christ and Raised Him by the Power of the Father’s Word! Jesus gives redemption, having paid the Ransom paid the invoice giving us receipt instead of bill, (we would have had to pay it ourselves,) to own us (Mirror Translation.) And He gave to us perfect access right into the Father’s Throne-room. You better believe it! His Resurrection is the most well documented fact in history! It’s Life in/through the Son! Right believing will bring right living through the Lamb! Where sin abounds, grace does super-abound! And Remember God loves you Eph. 2:1-4! This fear aspect of believing God by severe and harsh fear of eye service is met eye to eye when one empties oneself of one’s will like in the kenosis in Jesus of one’s will and worships God in fullness with everything they have extrovert through the Son!! It’s righteous worship like the Alabaster Jar we break on His feet is worship if we can draw our hearts close! Follow Jesus, disciples of His words, attitudes, and thoughts, ever full of the Spirit, practical! Will you come to Jesus Christ today and be saved? God will gladden you: He will transform your dead works by way of awakening conscience in Christ to serve the Living God acceptably with godly fear! Your conscience will become sensitive to truth in a newness. In truth He will sensitize you to the very sensitivity to be sensitive to the sensitivity of the sensitive Holy Spirit. God tore apart the veil in the Temple from top to bottom to open God’s Presence when Jesus Died to us! Wow! That was an amazing feat. He will take the stony heart out of you and give you a heart of flesh. He will write the law of God within and without on the fleshy tablets of our heart. He will change you from glory to glory and from faith to faith but more, and there’s more: He’ll also restore, comfort, and give you peace redeeming you giving you Eternal Zoe life, lasting comfort, forever: Everlasting life with challenge. So begin to attend a Bible believing Church, Pray every day, Read the scripture, God's Holy Word the Bible all the way through and specially the Gospels of Luke, John, Matthew, and Mark, and Letters of Paul up to Revelation. Look into God’s eyes and bask there in acceptance. As you read it lengthen your stay and stare there until you mirror it in your soul and reflect it in you reflecting perfectly. Only what’s inspected will last or change. Witness to others of your salvation and passion for faith in Jesus and do it daily. You’ll find a way for God supplies to give God your best and let your surrender humbly be yours. Like Caleb ask God for an inheritance like in the Body of Christ. Jesus will never leave you nor fail you. Let His Kingdom grow in you. Trust in Him ever! “He will look you squarely in love in your eye and say, “I accept you, go and do that for others.“ Dave Candel This is my testimony as I live in our town of Franklin Square at Bethel Assembly of God Church in 2013 in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you prayed and want to know more of Jesus Christ I would be happy to take you personally to Church. Here is my phone number 516-305-5637 and church: Bethel Assembly of God Church 194 Courthouse Road Franklin Square, NY 11010 516-326-3215 Pastors Rich Catapano and Pastor’s Associate, Son, Anthony Catapano 9:30 - 10:30 AM Sunday Christian Ed. Hour and Sunday School for children 11 - 12:10 AM Sunday Morning Worship 6 PM Sunday Evening Service 7 PM Wednesday Family Night & Bible Study The church is two blocks north re: Hempstead Turnpike at the N6 Bus stop at Franklin Avenue/New Hyde Park Road. And one block north of Turnpike the church is along Courthouse Road at the Corner where the road meets Washington St. and that’s in Franklin Square, NY 11010. Friday Youth 7 PM




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