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Age: 42 Years

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12:06 PM   [26 Feb 2012 | Sunday]

son to Father

I woke up this morning with a change of mentality. It really started yesterday with me reading Galatians 5&6 and seeing the words, "Abba, Father". It was brought to my attention that this same phrase was used in Roman 8. And then I found it in the the 14th Chapter of Luke verse 36. "Abba, Father". So while sturggling to pray this morning, I was led to read these scriptures and the change of mentality took place.

The word that I got was to pray to God as 'Abba, Father', not just as God, but as my Heavenly Father because He has recieved me as a son[2 Corinthians 6:17-18]. As a Father, the LORD Almighty, PROVIDES, GUIDES, HEALS and CARES for His sons and daughters. What a wonderful Father we have. Then another collection of scriptures opened up to me as I looked at God as Father; [Luke 12:29-34] "Seek the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you." What was revealed to me in these scriptures was that if I would seek God as 'Abba, Father' and His blessings(provision, guidance, and will for my life), the things that I have need of will be added to me. It was shown to me that I was trying to seek His "kingdom", which is my inheritance, instead of seeking to "please" Him, who is my Father. In the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 1, verse 11, a voice came from heaven saying, "You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." Of course the voice is God speaking to His Son Jesus expressing 'pleasure' in Him. This is what we ought to be seeking and what He our Father is looking for; "beloved children, in whom He is well pleased."

After making my "request" known to "Abba, Father" this morning, I am expecting excellent things to be added to me soon and I know that He is expecting excellent things from me as well.

from one child to another,


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12:39 PM   [25 Feb 2012 | Saturday]

The Acquisition of Wisdom

Looking back over the years, I guess I've shed'ed some tears. Tears of disappointment. Tears of hurts. Tears of anger. And always, my response would be, "I won't make that mistake again". I was gaining WISDOM through trail and error. Tons of WISDOM have been acquired through this process and subsequently, that's how WISDOM has been passed down; through somebodys' past failures. But God did not intend for WISDOM to be obtained through that process. At least not for His chosen people.


Ecclesiastes 2:26


For God gives WISDOM and knowledge and joy to a man who is good in His sight; but to the sinner He gives the work of gathering and collecting, that he may give to him who is good before God.


So the question is how are you acquiring WISDOM? Are you obtaining WISOM from God, or are you obtaining it through the work of gathering and collecting? If from God then WISDOM is coming through your prayers. But if from work, it's coming through trail and error or sin, because as we read earlier, 'God gives WISDOM to those who are "good in His sight".'


This got me thinking about all the WISDOM and knowledge that I've gained on my own through trail and error, other wise known as sin. For instance, I now have the WISDOM and knowledge of how to build a strong relationship, because of past errors/sins. I now know how to plan and make wise decisions due to past plans and decisions falling apart. I was doing all these things on my own, without the help or even the consent of God. So being "good in His sight" consist of keeping Him, God not just in the process, but first. He would have told me, guided me and strengthened me in the process of building a strong relationship if I would've asked. He would've told me what decisions and plans to make if I would have sought out His counsel and His will for my life. That WISDOM, knowledge and joy would have come in handy way back when I was shedding those tears, but I didn't seek Him out or in some instances, didn't keep Him in the forefront. So I myself did a lot of gathering and collecting, and now find myself giving it;wise counsel to Godly men. A lot of what now seems to be years waisted, could have very well been years of prosperity, if I had just stayed "good in His sight".




***Scriptures of interest: James 1:5, Genesis 6:8-7:1


Be Blessed with WISDOM

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12:34 PM   [25 Feb 2012 | Saturday]

SATISFACTION: Proverbs 19:23



*Satisfaction is defined as having complete fulfillment of a need or want.


The Bible declares that when a man has reverence for the LORD; His word, His ways and His will for your life, he will find life. And when he finds life, he will find complete fulfillment which can only come from the LORD. A man cannot be satisfied with the things of this world. He may settle for what he has and what he does, but he'll never be satisfied, he'll always desire more. It's when you start to be about the things of God, that your soul will be at peace, which is what those in the world desire most. God created man to be one with Him and until that happens, a man will never have complete fulfillment. But when this happens, that man, becomes that "HAPPY" man that the Bible speaks of. And no man or devil will be able to take it away from him.


The Book of Isaiah, Chapter 55 is a good book to read to understand true satisfaction for those who are "thirsty" and "hungry".


Be Blessed. Be Satisfied.

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