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Old School Runescape: Bounty Hunter World has been removed


Jagex knows that players should use the correct specific game content. As far as Old School Runescape is concerned, Jagex's choice is undoubtedly correct. To solve this problem, they have made some updates to enable players to get the RS Gold medal they deserve. However, the same principle does not apply to the bounty hunter world. It is now closed.

Bounty Hunter is a mini-game that can be found in the wilderness. After attending the event, you will see an interface that shows you which participants must kill the target. This way, if you hold a mysterious badge, you will get extra points. The items sold by the sign seller will provide experience points for each player who killed the mysterious sign.

However, some people have found a way to obtain OSRS through vulnerabilities. Jagex claimed that these participants “abuse their mechanisms to generate RS Gold beyond what legal methods can provide”. For some reason, Jagex believes this is a potential problem that will disrupt the game and seriously affect the game experience of other players. Jagex's solution is to eliminate it. Therefore, the world 318 and 319 have been closed. Jagex said that players should get RS Gold correctly, and released the official trading website, you can Buy OSRS GP on

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Jagex recommended the official trading platform in Old School RuneScape

Jagex discussed their recently proposed OSRS "collaboration plan" on Old School RuneScape's blog. The partnership program is a new program that Jagex is trying to introduce, which allows players to spend real-life money through third-party vendors to buy RS Gold in games. Jagex believes that these partnerships with third parties will incentivize new participants to join OSRS.

Especially consider that members who play games for free cannot access this exclusive content unless they get more cash or wait for an undisclosed time. As a free game, they will not directly affect the gameplay. But subscription players will enjoy more rights, and free players will need more time and energy to play in order to get a better experience.

For example, the partnership between Jagex and Twitch. This website provides an official trading site for players who purchase Twitch Prime. They usually choose "Buy OSRS Gold" on

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