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5:26 AM   [28 Jul 2017 | Friday]

Interpretation: Hold Steadfast to Your Faith in The Messiah, Who Is Called Christ

 From an Angel of God, the Interpretation of Timothy’s Dream

The road in which you stand is a crossroads in your faith, and the man near to you represents The Holy Spirit of God. The board blocking the vehicle, holding The Messiah, whom you call Christ, is that you now know the truth, but do not yet see or understand it. For your faith is weak and may fall, as though it is held up by only two bricks. You have the third brick in your hand, its arrow points the way, for the path is straight and narrow. Place it at the base of your faith, so it may be strengthened. 
The truck leaving, then returning at your call, represents that YahuShua, whom you call Jesus, is among you unseen, gathering together His people, all who call on His name in sincerity and in truth. The door of glass is that you will come to see Him in your understanding, and that He will return and every eye shall see Him, but first He will fill His truck with all who are His and take them with Him.  
The barricade in the street represents those things which distract you and the people in your life who will attempt to block your way; all of which you must overcome, that you may draw close to The Lord, to do His will. Your falling at His feet is two-fold: It represents your worship, as well as your stumblings in your faith because of sin, both of which shall serve to humble you. Yet YahuShua will lift you up each and every time. 
YahuShua inviting you into His truck means you are now His, and you will soon go with Him. The seat, in which He sits, is the Mercy Seat. Him speaking to you is two-fold: For He will be speaking to you unheard by others, and not yet understood by you. For you have not yet partook of His Word, which He has called you to devour day and night. Then will you hear and understand Him clearly. 
You both stepping from the truck is that your time has not yet come to go with Him; He will still be with you in spirit. Your strong, loving embrace is that you must hold steadfast to your faith in Messiah, and never let go. For many will forsake you, and you must be willing to stand alone. Thus the path before you, only you can choose to take... Look, The Spirit has not left you, Timothy. You are not alone.

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4:42 AM   [28 Jul 2017 | Friday]

Timothy's Dream about YahuShua, Who Is Called Jesus and Christ - The Letters Started with This Dream

Spring 2004 - Timothy’s Dream about YahuShua, Who Is Called Jesus and Christ 
(The Letters started with this dream)

I was standing in the middle of a small street, in the downtown area of a town that looked European (I wasn’t sure where I was). It was getting dark. There was no one around but one other person standing near me, about fifteen feet away. This person didn’t speak, nor did I know who it was. I then noticed a large board standing up, with only a few bricks holding it up at its base. I knew behind it was a moving truck, but I couldn’t see it. Then I suddenly realized... Jesus is in the back of that truck! I ran over, calling, “Jesus, don’t leave!” When I reached the big wooden board, I noticed I had a brick in my hand with an arrow on it. I placed the brick at the base of the board. Then the truck pulled away. 
I was going to run after it, but there was a barricade in the street blocking me, so I yelled, “Jesus, come back!” The truck stopped and began backing up. I noticed the back of the moving van’s door was made of glass. Behind it sat Jesus in a nice chair. Several others were in the back of the truck, seemingly sitting higher than Jesus, (similar to stadium seating, but in the dark). I couldn’t see them very well. 
When the truck stopped, it was still about twenty yards away. The door opened, and Jesus jumped out. He was dressed as a modern man and clean-shaven. He beckoned to me, and said, “Come to Me, Timothy.” I went around the barricade and ran to Him. When I reached Him, I both fell down and fell at His feet to worship Him. He touched my head, then lifted me up, and said, “Join Me in the truck. I have much to tell you.” I sat on the floor of the back of the truck, and He sat back in the nice chair. I stared intently at Him and listened with all my might, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not hear Him, even though I saw His mouth moving. 
After He finished speaking, we got out. We were then standing in the street again. I ran over to Him, and put my arms around Him, and squeezed Him as hard as I could, never wanting to let go. He hugged me also, and while pushing me back gently, said, “Timothy, you must stay here for a little longer... I will return.” He got back into the truck, and it drove away.

Note: After the dream, I woke up to give my son a bottle. During this short time, I prayed that The Lord might tell me my dream’s meaning. When I fell back to sleep, I had exactly the same dream again, but this time a voice said, “Listen, as I give you your dream’s interpretation.”

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