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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:39 PM   [19 Jun 2017 | Monday]

Muslim Actions

 Muslims are frequently involved in murder. They seem to use the word honor and killing close together. I would not agree because I do not think those two words should ever be used in the same sentence.

Two teenage Muslim girls were found dead in the back seat of their fathers taxicab. They had been shot and the Texas police found evidence to indicate the father was guilty. He vanished and as an additional bit of informastion the two girls had dated non-Muslim boys. What kind of a father would murder his own daughters? I will leave that answer to you.



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1:18 AM   [10 Jun 2017 | Saturday]

The Danger of Islam

 Islam presents a grave danger to America and our Judeo-Christian culture. They have taken control of countries in the same way for over 1,000 years. There are 4 states involved (1) the ecumenical stage. Here they will allow you to tour a Mosque so they can deceive you. (2) The consolidation of power. Here Muslims get jobs at school boards,town and village councils and places where they can influence and impose their point of view (3) Revolution. We see this in France and England now. Muslims are telling Brits and Frenchmen not to be in their areas. (4) Islamic state. The USA is in stage 1 now and with Jesus Christ, we can still be saved. It is very important to note that Muslims are concerned about minority rights only when they are in the minority. When they gain control there are no minority rights.

God Bless America and let us all pray

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12:10 PM   [22 Aug 2016 | Monday]

Christian Duty

 We must vote in November and somwhow leave our personal feelings aside and try to act as you imagine God would act and do what is natural and honest. As Christians that is our obligation. Considering honesty between the two candidates the choice becomes easier. Is there a candidate who opposes Christian principals? You must make the choice in November because our very survival as a Church and a Nation depends on it.

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12:17 PM   [30 Dec 2015 | Wednesday]

Anti-Christian writing required

 A 9th grade world geography class in Greenville, Virginia was required to do the writing. This was at Riverheads High School and they had to write "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. They were given this in Arabic to copy but not given the translation. This statement is clled the Shahada and the recitation is an essential step in the conversion to Islam. The Koran was circulated in the class but not the Bible.

The teacher Cheri LaPorte has declined to make any comment  This wass clearly a mistake in every way and really showss how we need to stand up for Jesus. I am going to look up some Churches in Greenvile, Va and contact them. With enogh attention, this can be corrected

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11:48 AM   [21 Dec 2015 | Monday]

Santa Banned in School

 I was  confident this could not be right. Obviously it was not right but it was true at PS 169 in Brooklyn, New York. Principal Eujin jaela Kim also banned the Pledge of Allegiance and replaced Thanksgiving with a harvest festival. 

When an article appeared in the New York Post about this the Dist Superintendent came to the school and changed everything back. Santa will hpefully appear at the school before Christmas.

We must be on guard as Christians so this sort of thing does not happen

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12:30 PM   [07 Dec 2013 | Saturday]

Pastor killed at home

Pasor David Stong was at home when two men called on him. They came to rob  and ended up killing him instead. Pastor  Strong knew both men and apparently thought they needed counsel.

The details are again better not being repeated. We need God's presence everywhere, perhps even more in our legal system.

Pasor Strong served his congregation in Chatanooga, Tn until Oct. 2010

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