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5:30 AM   [08 Sep 2020 | Tuesday]

Some backpage alternatives when it has gone

 Backpage was a website that allowed users to post or replay to classified ads within their cities. However, the website was recently shut down because of the new laws that enforced protection and privacy among the users. Nonetheless, there must not worry you because there are many backpage alternatives to find ads like those on the backpage. There are more than hundreds of sites to choose from. This write up has made it easy for you to find an alternative site by creating the top backpage alternative websites.

Adult Friend Finder

This site has the most extensive user base for one to enjoy, and the fact that it has been around for long means that you can never go wrong with it. The site allows you to maintain friends like you would on Facebook, send virtual gifts, start a blog, watch live cams, and, most importantly, take part in different adult chat rooms. There is also a sex academy offering courses on various topics touching on sexuality and how to meet people.


This is yet another site that sits in an odd position compared to the other sites. It has a diverse set of users and encourages one to bring out their darkest desires because there is someone out there for you. Couples and other users can easily register using their mobile phones. There are member ranking and sex surveys taken to optimize and make the site a better place for everyone.

Ashley Madison

In its 15 years of existence, this site has achieved a large user base and proven to be good at what it sets out. The user interface is simple to understand, and it offers various options for communication, such as the use of messages, chats, calls, and IM. This feature makes it easy for both the users and the site management to communicate.

In conclusion, backpage was shut down, it is in existence through the various alternatives available for users to enjoy its services. One can easily find a lot of other options online and make use of them.

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5:14 AM   [08 Sep 2020 | Tuesday]

What it means to be in a Dom Sub relationship

 Is this the first time you come across the term Sub Dom relationship? Are you a non-practitioner in the kinky lifestyle but would still like to understand precisely what is a Dom and Sub? Below is a simplified explanation of what a Dom Sub relationship is.

A Dom, also known as the top, is the dominant partner while the Sub, also known as the bottom, is the Submissive partner in a dominant-Submissive relationship. Contrary to many people's thinking, a Dom Sub relationship is not all about sex but one that works in almost all aspects of life.

The dominant-Submissive relationship is guided by strict rules to be followed by both the Dom and Sub. Each partner in this kind of relationship has specific roles. Let's explore the roles of each:

The Dom

The dominant person takes partial control of the Submissive person in the relationship. A Dom should exert powers in and out of the bedroom through acts such as whipping and forced chastity. The consent to do these acts must, however, come from the Sub. Being a Dom in a relationship calls for a lot of humility as you are required to offer aftercare following a scene with a Sub. Although a woman can also be a Dom, many dominant-submissive relationships have the men taking up this role.

The Sub

A Sub is a partner that controls the acts of the dom. While many people think that Subs are totally powerless in scene plays, they determine most of the happenings in an adventurous play. The Sub on consenting the Dom must be totally Submissive by losing themselves totally into the experience. Although Subs can be of any gender, women's submissive nature makes them perfect for this role.

The bottom line

If you seek to add more fun in your relationship, you should give dominant-Submissive plays with your partner a try and how to find a dom online. Dom- Sub relationships not only bring fantasies to one's life but also contribute to enhanced understanding between partners.

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4:58 AM   [08 Sep 2020 | Tuesday]

What can provide for you is a site designed for couples who seek females. On this website, one can find countless sites such as threesome finder, Bi Cupid, Find a Unicorn, and others to help couples enjoy a threesome or group sex. The site favors the line that goes, “Two is always better than one,” and uses this to encourage couples to find a third party to enjoy sex. Three main things set this website apart from other dating websites, and that is it separates its services into three sections, namely;

Website rankings

Corresponding name of the website

Website rating

The users can go through the websites, and whenever they spot a five-star rating website, they tend to prefer to use it. This site not only serves the craigslist singles but other couples with open-minded such as the swinger couples, the unicorn women, and the cuckolding couples. In a nutshell, this site has made the threesome fantasy become a reality for most couples. Below are some of the dating sites offered by provides for the users;

AdultFriend Finder

This is a mobile app and is one of the largest hookups and dating sites for couples. The site has millions of members, including different genders, single couples, and open mind couples. The main goal of Adult Friend Finder is to improve the match ratio couples and couples as well as with the third partners. The couples are provided with options such as a couple with female and male, a couple with male and male, which is a huge step for dating apps.


This is another app within the that is aimed at bi couples and bi-curious and bi singles. However, with the increased growth of bisexual curious singles and couples joining the site, the site now offers different offers. The site has over a million users meaning that you cannot miss your ideal partner in whichever country you are in.

In summary, provides you with various options, including different dating sites, where you can find an ideal partner for you as a couple. The services range from swingers, couples seeking couples, bi cupid couples to curious singles.

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